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Mark Stabile

mark Stabile

    Mark Stabile

    Director, School of Public Policy and Governance
    Professor of Business Economics

    Degrees: PhD, Columbia University
    MA, Columbia University
    BA, University of Toronto
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    Phone: 416-978-5120


    Mark Stabile is a Professor of Economics and Public Policy at Rotman and the Founding Director of the School of Public Policy and Governance at the University of Toronto. He is also a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research, Cambridge Massachusetts and a Visiting Professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science. His recent work focuses on the economics of child health and development, the public/private mix in the financing of health care and tax policy and health insurance.

    Academic Positions

    2011-  Professor; University of Toronto
    2007-  Director; School of Public Policy, U of T
    2009-  Research Associate; National Bureau of Economic Research
    2002-2003  Visiting Research Scholar; Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University
    2004-2011  Associate Professor; University of Toronto
    1999-2004  Assistant Professor; University of Toronto

    Non-Academic Positions

    2003-2005  Senior Policy Advisor; Minister of Finance, Government of Ontario

    Selected Publications - Papers

    • The Changing Role of Government in Financing Health Care: An International Perspective; Stabile, M. and Thomson, S; Journal of Economic Literature; Issue: 52(2); 2014; Pages: 480-518
    • Do stimulant medications improve educational and behavioral outcomes for children with ADHD?; Currie, J., Stabile, M., and Jones, L; Journal of Health Economics; Issue: 37; 2014; Pages: 58-69
    • Containing health care costs in high-income countries: evidence from four nations; Stabile, M., Thomson, S. et al.; Health Affairs; Issue: 32(4); 2013; Pages: 643-652
    • Socioeconomic status and child health: what is the role of health care utilization?; Stabile, M., Allin, S.; Health Economics, Policy and Law; Issue: 7(2); 2012; Pages: 227-242
    • Do Child Tax Benefits Affect the Wellbeing of Children? Evidence from Canadian child benefit expansions; Milligan, Kevin and Mark Stabile; American Economic Journal: Economic Polic; Issue: 3(3); 2011; Pages: 175-205
    • Child Health and Young Adult Outcomes; Currie, Janet, Stabile, Mark, Manivong, Phongsack, and Leslie Roos; Journal of Human Resources; Issue: 45(3); 2010; Pages: 517-548
    • Child benefits, maternal employment, and children’s health: Evidence from Canadian child benefit expansions; K. Milligan, M. Stabile; American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings; 2009; Pages: 128-132
    • The Short, Medium, and Long Term Effects of Poor Infant Health; P. Oreopoulos, M. Stabile, L. Roos, R. Walld; Journal of Human Resources; 2008; Pages: 88-138
    • The Integration of Child Tax Credits and Welfare: Evidence from the Canadian National Child Benefit Program; K. Milligan, M.Stabile; Journal of Public Economics; 2007; Pages: 305-326
    • Child Mental Health and Human Capital Accumulation: the Case of ADHD; J. Currie, M.Stabile; Journal of Health Economics; 2006; Pages: 1094-1118
    • Socioeconomic Status and Health: Why is the Relationship Stronger for Older Children?; J. Currie, M. Stabile; American Economic Review; 2003; Pages: 1813-1823
    • The Changing Role of Government in Financing Health Care: An International Perspective; Stabile, M and Thomson, S.; Journal of Economic Literature; Pages: forthcoming

    Selected Publications - Books and Chapters

    • Exploring Social Insurance: Can a Dose of Europe Cure Canadian Health Care Finance?; C. Flood, M. Stabile, C.Tuohy; McGill-Queen's University Press; 2008

    Research and Teaching Interests

    Health Economics, Child Development, Health Care Financing, Public Finance, and Public Policy  

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