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Terry L. Amburgey

Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

    Terry L. Amburgey

    Professor of Strategic Management

    Degrees: PhD, Stanford University
    MA, Bowling Green State University
    BS, Miami University
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    Terry Amburgey is a Professor of Strategic Management at the Rotman School of Management. His research is focused on the dynamics of inter-organizational networks and organizational evolution with a particular focus on biotechnology. Terry is co-convenor of the Standing Working Group on Organizational Network Research in The European Group for Organizational Studies. His research has been published in a variety of outlets including Administrative Science Quarterly, Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, and Strategic Organization and Advances in Strategic Management.

    Academic Positions

    1999-Present  Professor, Strategic Management; Rotman School of Management
    1998-1999  Professor of Management; University of Kentucky
    1996  Visiting Professor of Strategic Management; EDHEC, Lille, France
    1994-1995  Associate Professor of Management; University of Kentucky
    1992-1994  Assistant Professor of Management; University of Kentucky
    1991-1992  Assistant Professor of Management; University of Wisconsin-Madison
    1991  Visiting Assistant Professor of Organization and Management; Dartmouth College
    1988-1990  Assistant Professor of Management; University of Wisconsin-Madison
    1986-1987  Assistant Professor of Business Policy and Strategy; University of Texas-Dallas
    1983-1986  Assistant Professor of Organization Behaviour; Northwestern University
    1982-1983  Instructor of Organization Behaviour; Northwestern University
    1981  Instructor of Management; California State University-Hayward

    Non-Academic Positions

    1981-1982  Research Consultant;Office of the California State Public Defender
    1979  Research Intern;IBM Corporation

    Selected Publications - Papers

    • Organizational Ecology: Past, Present, and Future Directions; Amburgey, Terry L., and Hayagreeva Rao; Academy of Management Journal; Issue: 39; 1996; Pages: pp. 1265-1286
    • The Use of Event History Analysis to Examine Insurer Insolvencies; Kim, Yong-Duk, Dan R. Anderson, Terry L. Amburgey, and James C. Hickman; Journal of Risk and Insurance; Issue: 62; 1995; Pages: pp. 94-110
    • As the Left Foot Follows the Right? The Dynamics of Strategic and Structural Change; Amburgey, Terry L. and Tina Dacin; Academy of Management Journal; Issue: 37; 1994; Pages: pp. 1427-1452
    • Resetting the Clock: The Dynamics of Organizational Change and Failure; Amburgey, Terry L., Dawn Kelly and William P. Barnett; Administrative Science Quarterly; Issue: 38; 1993; Pages: pp. 51-73
    • Strategic Momentum: The Effects of Strategy, Structure and History on Merger Activity; Amburgey, Terry L. and Anne S. Miner; Strategic Management Journal; Issue: 13; 1992; Pages: pp. 335-348
    • Organizational Inertia and Momentum: A Dynamic Model of Strategic Change; Kelly, Dawn and Terry L. Amburgey; Academy of Management Journal; Issue: 34; 1991; Pages: pp. 591-612
    • Interorganizational Linkages and Population Dynamics: Buffering and Transformational Shields; Miner, Anne S., Terry L. Amburgey and Timothy Stearns; Administrative Science Quarterly; Issue: 35; 1990; Pages: pp. 689-713
    • The Dynamics of Change in the American Hospital Industry: Transformation or Selection?; Alexander, Jeffrey A. and Terry L. Amburgey; Health Care Review; Issue: 44; 1987; Pages: pp. 279-321
    • Multivariate Point Process Models in Social Research; Amburgey, Terry L.; Social Science Research; Issue: 15; 1986; Pages: pp. 190-207
    • Time Series Models for Event Counts; Amburgey, Terry L. and Glenn R. Carroll; Social Science Research; Issue: 13; 1984; Pages: pp. 38-54
    • Marx and Modern Systems Theory; McQuarie, Donald and Terry L. Amburgey; Social Science Quarterly; Issue: 59; 1978; Pages: pp. 3-19
    • System Change in Karl Marx's Model of Socio-Economic Formation; Amburgey, Terry L. and Donald McQuarie; General Systems; Issue: XXII; 1978; Pages: pp. 99-103

    Selected Publications - Books and Chapters

    • Event Count Analysis and Strategic Management; Arregle, Jean-Luc, Terry L. Amburgey, and Tina Dacin; In Research Methods in Strategic Management, edited by Michel Ghertman, Jacques Obadia, and Jean-Luc Arregle (Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers); 1997; Pages: pp. 331-344
    • Learning Races, Patent Races, and Capital Races: Strategic Interaction and Embeddedness Within Organizational Fields; Amburgey, Terry L., Tina Dacin and Jitendra V. Singh; In Advances in Strategic Management, edited by Jane Dutton and Joel A. C. Baum (Greenwich: JAI Press); 1996; Pages: pp. 303-322
    • Disruptive Selection and Population Segmentation: Inter-population Competition as a Segregating Process; Amburgey, Terry L., Tina Dacin and Dawn Kelly; In Evolutionary Dynamics of Organizations, edited by Joel A. C. Baum and Jitendra Singh (New York: Oxford University Press); 1994; Pages: pp. 240-254
    • The Evolutionary Development of Credit Unions; Amburgey, Terry L., and Tina Dacin; Madison, WI: Filene Research Institute; 1993
    • Do Larger Organizations Generate Stronger Competition?; Barnett, William P. and Terry L. Amburgey; In Organizational Evolution: New Directions, edited by Jitendra V. Singh (Newbury Park: Sage Publications); 1990; Pages: pp. 78-102
    • Suppression and Failure in the Political Press: Government Control, Party Affiliation and Organizational Life Chances; Amburgey, Terry L., Marjo-Riita Lehtisalo and Dawn Kelly; In Ecological Models of Organizations, edited by Glenn R. Carroll (Cambridge: Ballinger Publishing Company); 1988; Pages: pp. 153-173
    • Organizational Evolution; Amburgey, Terry L., and Jitendra Singh; In Companion to Organizations, edited by Joel A. C. Baum. Blackwell Publishers. Forthcoming
    • Organizational Ecology; Amburgey, Terry L., and Joel A. C. Baum; In Companion to Organizations, edited by Joel A. C. Baum. Blackwell Publishers. Forthcoming

    Honors and Awards

    2001  The Evolution of Biotechnology Networks; Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council, Amount: $72,103
    1997  Gene Therapy Industrial Events Database; The Institute for Human Gene Therapy, Amount: $15,000
    1991  The Evolutionary Development of Credit Unions; Source: The Filene Research Institute, Inc., Amount: $30,401
    1990  The Dynamics of Japanese Labor Federations: Foundings, Failures and Affiliations; Source: University of Wisconsin, Amount: $20,890

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