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Hitendra Patel

Hatel H

Hitendra Patel

Managing Director, IXL Center
Chair of the Innovation and Growth Program, Hult International Business School


MBA, Kellogg School of Management
BSEE, Washington University in St. Louis
Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, Iowa State University



Hitendra is the Managing Director of the Center for Innovation, a global innovation consulting company based in Cambridge, MA. He has helped over 50 global companies and their executive teams build innovation capabilities and get innovation results. He has helped drive innovation transformation initiatives at companies like Johnson Controls, Hewlett Packard, LG,, CEMEX, Cadbury, Verizon, and P&G.  He understands how to make innovation real from the top-down and bottom-up in complex and large organizations. He designed and manages the IXLerator which helps corporations, governments, nonprofits and SMEs to become 10x bigger.


Hitendra is a Professor of Innovation and Growth at various top MBA programs and has taught innovation to over 5,000 students.  He developed and leads the largest global innovation action program in the world. He co-founded the Global Innovation Management Institute and has been the main driver for creating certification testing standards to make innovation a management discipline across the globe.

Hitendra is also a co-founder of the Hult Prize, the world’s largest start-up accelerator for budding young entrepreneurs that provides an annual prize of $1 Million. The Hult Prize partners with President Clinton and sources globally for the best solutions/teams to end poverty in slums.


Hitendra is a thought leader in innovation having written books such as Greenovate!, Connectivate! and Healthovate! and is currently working on DOTS!  He is a  global speaker having given keynote speeches at many international conferences and kicked off many executive leadership summits of Fortune 1000 companies.


Hitendra was a senior leader of Monitor Group's Innovation Practice. Before that he worked as an innovation expert at Arthur D. Little.  Prior to consulting, Hitendra was technologist working at Motorola and is the owner of six patents. He is also a founder of various venture-backed companies and an angel investor.

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