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Are we ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

The focus of this year's World Economic Forum is how technology is fused into almost everything in the physical, digital and biological worlds. Reporting from Davos is Don Tapscott, best-selling author and adjunct professor at the Rotman School.

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How to win any political argument

Trying to convince a political opponent to support a particular position? The secret is to appeal to their own moral values—rather than trying to persuade them using yours, says a new paper co-authored by a Rotman professor.

Global Management

The challenge of globalization

Canada’s international trade agreements have made us a more competitive and prosperous nation. But only an ideologue could ignore the hard fact that globalization is not working — or not working as well as it could.


Building a smarter healthcare system

When it comes to difficult and pressing challenges, healthcare is certainly high on the list. The complexities can leave decision makers feeling powerless to solve them. Here are some thoughts on how to work toward a solution.


Making capitalism work for everyone

Chrystia Freeland, the member of Parliament, Financial Times journalist and best-selling author discusses the rise in global inequality, and how the plutocrats are shaping the future of capitalism.

Rotman at the MBA Games

The National MBA Games bring together MBA students from across Canada

Video: Student Life, Transform Your Potential

Student life at Rotman is about more than just having fun.

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