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Integrative Thinking can be taught across ages, disciplines and modalities. It can be used to solve large corporate problems, to develop self-awareness, and pioneer new ways of thinking and seeing the world.


University of Toronto, Ontario Canada

The Self-Development Lab

The Self-Development Lab (SDL) is a developmental engine that applies the latest in learning sciences and communicative research to develop interpersonal and communicative skills for enhanced problem solving.

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Executive Programs

Integrative Thinking meets the challenges of a changing world by recognizing that leaders need a new way to tackle problems. The Rotman team has developed a series of customized modules and courses that can increase individual and group capacity for engaging in this kind of thinking. Integrative Thinking partners well with other content areas and can be designed as a stand-alone program or incorporated into leadership development programs.

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We believe that in order to prepare our students for the future, one of the most important roles that educators can play is to teach students the skills and mindsets necessary in solving wicked problems

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