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Always a hotly discussed topic, corporate sustainability is frequently covered in the media and the Lee-Chin Institute is often driving the conversation.


Generic News Img profiles more than 150 Canadian impact investing products

Impact Alpha | April 26, 2017 profile - a new resource to help Canadian investors and advisors find impact investments.  
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Jason Haber's Top 10 Must Read Books for Social Entrepreneurs | November 8, 2016
Lists Getting Beyond Better by Roger L. Martin and Sally R. Osberg. 

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Is your resumé ‘white’ enough to get the job you want?

TVO | July 14 2016
Iman Sheikh on “Whitened Résumés: Race and Self-Presentation in the Labor Market,” by Sonia K. Kang, Katherine A. DeCelles, András Tilcsik, Sora Jun. 

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How shareholders jumped to first in line for profits | June 14, 2016
Scott Tong references Roger L. Martin on shareholder value maximization. 

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Maximizing Shareholder value May Have Gone Too Far

TIME | June 3, 2016
Peter Atwater on shareholder value maximization references Roger L. Martin’s Fixing the Game.  

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The Overvaluation Trap

Business Today | May 22 2016
Roger L. Martin and Alison Kemper's article "The Overvaluation Trap," from the December 2015 issue of Harvard Business Review appeared in the issue.

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Social entrepreneurs can give the government a lift

Financial Times |  May 18, 2016
Anne-Marie Slaughter recommends Roger L. Martin and Sally R. Osberg’s Getting Beyond Better: How Social Entrepreneurship Works.

Generic News Img  Fellow, András Tilcsik, in "The unintended consequences of diversity statements," Harvard Business Review, March 29, 2016. 
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Roger Martin, Sally Osberg, and Jennifer Riel on "Social entrepreneurship by the billions," Strategy + Business, March 29, 2016.

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LCI fellow, András Tilcsik's study, in "Why minority applicants scrap race from their résumés," Bloomberg, March 29, 2016.  

Generic News Img  A recent study supported by the LCI finds "Even diversity-friendly employers discriminate against racial minority job seekers," Rotman School of Management, March 17, 2016. 
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Roger Martin featured in "Why your CEO makes 300 times your salary -- and how that impacts you," U.S. News & World Report, March 16, 2016.

Generic News Img  Roger Martin's thoughts on shareholder wealth maximisation referenced in "Profit maximisation is passé," The Hindu Business Line, February 15, 2016.
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Roger Martin and Sally Osberg discuss "How Transformation Works," with David Burkus, February 9, 2016. 

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David Akadjian in Daily KOS on "How to really make America great again: Get rid of 'the dumbest idea in the world," references Roger Martin's Fixing the Game: Bubbles, Crashes, and What Capitalism Can Learn from the NFL, and the problem with the shareholder value theory, January 31, 2016. 

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Getting Beyond Better reviewed in the Winter 2016 issue of Developing Leaders.

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Justin Fox in BloombergView on "You want to 'Change the World'? Keep it to yourself," referenced "equilibrium shifting" from Getting Beyond Better, January 20, 2016.

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John Lorinc in Corporate Knights on "The tragedy of the horizon," featured Alison Kemper and referenced her and Roger Martin's recent Harvard Business Review column, The Overvaluation Trap, January 19, 2016.

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