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Laura Delizonna

Laura Delizonna

Laura Delizonna

Teacher, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute
Instructor, Stanford University
Psychologist, Optimal Performance & Organizational Culture Change


Dr. Delizonna is a Stanford University instructor, author, and psychologist specializing in optimal performance and organizational culture change.

As a positive psychologist, international speaker and executive coach, she trains leading professionals to boost performance, tap into their purpose, up-level team effectiveness and accelerate organizational culture change. Her skill-building programs equip leaders with practical, science-based tools that elevate thriving in work and life. Clients call her trainings “life changing.”  Her courses are among the most popular in Continuing Studies at Stanford. Dr. Delizonna is the author of four books including Mindful, Enhancing Emotional Intelligence, Thrive and Mindful Leaders.

She’s on a mission to spread positive transformation within individuals and organizations. She believes that if many people reach their potential the world will hit a tipping point that results in unimaginable positive change.

Dr. Delizonna has worked with senior executives in leading organizations such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Hewlett-Packard, Yahoo and The Dubai Space Center. She researched mindfulness at Harvard, earned her PhD from Boston University and since 2002 has been a teacher and researcher at Stanford.

She enjoys skiing steep snowy chutes, playing softball with her 4-year-old twin nephews and spending time with people who live in remote corners of the planet.

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