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Choosing your MBA program is one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime. You should evaluate your investment in an MBA program based on a school’s past record of achievement and, more importantly, its future trajectory.

By choosing the Rotman Full-Time MBA program, you’ll become part of the largest, brightest, and most diverse MBA program in Canada and a core hiring destination for major global employers. As a Rotman student, you will have access to more job opportunities from more top tier firms than any other business school in Canada, and join what will soon be the largest MBA alumni network among Canadian business schools.

Q: If I fulfill the minimum criteria of admission to the Rotman MBA Program, what are my chances of entry?

A: Fulfilling the minimum criteria only guarantees you consideration for admission to the program. Successful admission often depends upon both your application and the comparative applications of the other candidates who are vying for the same program. Due to the competitive nature of the application process, successful applicants tend to significantly exceed the admissions criteria both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Q: What are the most heavily-weighted factors?

A: There are no one or two most heavily weighted factors in the application. At Rotman, we take a holistic approach, looking at all factors of an application and weighing each according to the individual’s total file.

Q: What is a competitive GMAT score?

A: The average score for the MBA class entering in September of 2016 was 662. In order to assess how competitive your GMAT score is, it’s important to assess how well it fits with our average and ranges (500 – 760) as well as the competitiveness of your application overall. The GMAT score is only one factor in a very comprehensive application review process.

Q: How many spaces are available each year?

A: The Full-Time MBA Program has approximately 350 spaces for the September 2017 start.

Q: Is a selection interview required?

A: An interview may be requested by the Admissions Committee. The interview may be conducted either in person or via telephone, by invitation of the committee.

Q: If I’m admitted, how long do I have to make a decision?

A: You generally have one month to make a decision and secure your spot with a CDN$5,000 deposit.

Q: What are the tuition fees?

A: Tuition fees for the Full-Time program (as of press time) are detailed in the ‘Program Fees’ table.

Q: How do I pay tuition?

A: Tuition fee payments are accepted at any chartered Canadian bank via teller, ATM or online banking.

Q: What housing options are available to Rotman students?

A: On-campus, off-campus and temporary accommodation are available. More information is available at

Q: Can I transfer to the Rotman MBA Program from another MBA school?

A: No. This is due to the cohort nature of the program, in which entering classes move through each class of their programs together. We do not accept transfer credits or provide exemptions for courses done at other MBA programs.

Q: Can I enter directly into the second year of the program if I have an undergraduate business degree? Can I waive courses based on my undergraduate degree?

A: The Rotman MBA is a comprehensive program that must be completed in full. No exemptions are given for courses previously completed towards another undergraduate or graduate degree, nor is any advanced standing given for previously completed degrees.

Q: Does my undergraduate degree have to be in business or commerce to apply to the program?

A: Definitely not! While approximately 20 per cent of candidates generally have undergraduate business or commerce degrees, the majority of our candidates come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. This diversity is one of Rotman’s greatest strengths.

Q: Do I need to wait until an application deadline to apply?

No. While we make admission decisions by each admission decision date, we review applications on a rolling basis.

Q: My undergraduate grades don’t reflect my academic abilities. Should I take additional courses to demonstrate by academic abilities?

No. If you are worried that your grades during your undergraduate studies were not a true representation of your academic abilities, focus on doing well on the GMAT (or GRE).

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