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How to Apply

Getting accepted into the Rotman Full-Time MBA program

At Rotman, we look for intellectually curious individuals with high potential for leadership and professional achievement. Are you the right fit? Take some time to review our application requirements, deadlines, and policies so you know when and how to best prepare your application.

Application process

We offer acceptance to the Rotman Full-Time MBA program through several admissions rounds. Admissions decisions are made by the decision date published for the round during which you submit your application. Apply as early as possible to ensure your best chance for acceptance and scholarships awards. 

Please be aware that admission to Rotman is competitive, and the class may fill before the final application deadline date. Therefore, while the final deadline date in the application cycle is April 28, 2023, it is highly recommended that you submit your completed application as early as possible within the application cycle for the best chance of being admitted. 

Applications will not be considered complete until all required elements are received. The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE) should be written prior to the application deadline.

NOTE: You do not need to wait until an application deadline to submit your application! We process applications as soon as they are received. The benefit of submitting by a deadline is the corresponding guaranteed decision date. You will receive one of three initial notifications: invitation to interview, waitlist offer or denial of admission. However, when an application arrives between deadlines we begin assessing it within days, and a decision is typically reached in 8 weeks or less. There is no downside to submitting your application between deadlines. This can be a nice option for candidates who have had an unexpected delay impact their ability to exactly meet a deadline. We encourage you to submit as soon as your application is ready.

"Before diving into the application process, take a moment to zoom out and understand the specific ways that you stand out. We all have unique answers and it is important that they are clear throughout your application."

Daphne Hemily, MBA '18, Poets and Quants 2018 MBAs to Watch

Application deadlines

The application deadlines for the Full-Time MBA Class of 2025 starting in September 2023 are: 

  • Early Round: September 2, 2022 (Decision no later than October 14, 2022)
  • Round 1: October 3, 2022 (Decision no later than December 16, 2022)
  • Round 2: January 13, 2023 (Decision no later than March 17, 2023)
  • Round 3: March 6, 2023* (Decision no later than May 5, 2023)
  • Round 4: April 28, 2023** (Decision no later than May 31, 2023)

* To be considered for specific Combined Program awards we advise applicants to the JD/MBA, MGA/MGA, Skoll/MBA and Pharma/MBA Programs to apply by the Round Two deadline. 

** All international applicants (excluding US Citizens) are highly encouraged to apply by Round Three in order to ensure ample time for visa processing after accepting the offer of admission. 

What we look for

We seek ambitious people with high potential for success. Our admitted students stand out by doing interesting things with their personal and professional lives — everyone from Olympic athletes to professional poker players. We believe that exposure to a rich diversity of viewpoints makes for a superior learning experience, and pride ourselves on building a diverse class of exceptional individuals who will go on to make the School proud as professionals and alumni.

We welcome you to connect with our admissions team well before you start your application so we can help you showcase your best qualities, regardless of your academic or professional background.

“Rotman is one of the most innovative players in management education in the world.”

—John Byrne, Editor-in-Chief, Poets and Quants, Founder of BusinessWeek Business School Rankings

 Full-Time MBA at Rotman. What we look for: Intellectual horsepower, experience and impact, communication and presence, and spike factor.

Class profile

The Rotman Full-Time MBA program attracts top talent from around the world with an incredibly diverse range of professional and academic backgrounds. Every individual we admit to the program has been chosen to contribute their unique experiences and perspectives to broaden and enrich the Rotman MBA experience.

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Application requirements

1. Undergraduate Degree

  • An appropriate bachelor's degree, or its equivalent, with a final year average of at least mid-B from a recognized university.
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 in the final year of a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. 
  • If you studied outside of Canada, use the International Degree Equivalencies site to calculate your GPA.
  • Once you are admitted, we require your official transcript sent directly from each institution where you earned a degree. Take a look at our Transcript Guide to make sure you meet official transcript requirements.

You do not need to submit official transcripts to apply. All applicants upload scanned transcripts at the time of application. If you are admitted, you will need to submit official transcript sent directly from each institution where you earned a degree to enroll. All offers of admission are conditional until the receipt and verification of official transcripts and degree certifications.

Note: University of Toronto alumni and current students who have a transcript on ROSI do not have to submit an official transcript to our office. Please include your student number in the online application.

2. GMAT or GRE Score

  • There is no minimum GMAT requirement. 
  • For average GMAT score and undergrad GPA, please see our class profile
  • If you choose to take the GRE, you can use the GRE Comparison Table for Business Schools to calculate your equivalent GMAT score.
  • You can register for GMAT at and familiarize yourself with the test by viewing these free sample questions and practice tests, though we do not endorse any particular GMAT prep source and we encourage you to do your own research.  
  • Official score must be sent. Rotman’s Full-Time MBA test codes are:
    GRE: 0853
  • GMAT requirement is waived for applicants who have passed Level 2 of the CFA designation. Please request from the CFA confirmation of your CFA Level 2 pass, which can be sent via email to

3. Work Experience

A minimum of two years of full-time work experience is required except for those who are applying for joint and combined degrees. For average work experience, please see our class profile.  

We highly recommend that you use an MBA format to draft your resume. Our Rotman resume template can be downloaded here

4. Professional References

Before submitting your application, it is required that you submit two requests for professional recommendation. Online reference forms are then sent to be completed by your referees. Full instructions for referees can be found in your online application.

5. Essay and Video Interview

  • Essay: Our admitted students stand out by doing interesting things with their personal and professional lives — something we describe as the ‘spike factor’; what are the things that you have done in your life that demonstrate Passion/ Grit/ Resilience/ Innovation/ Drive/ Ambition and more? This can cross all or any aspects of life outside of work – hobbies, volunteerism, awards, entrepreneurial ventures, sports and the arts. We believe that exposure to a rich diversity of viewpoints makes for a superior learning experience, and pride ourselves on building a diverse class of exceptional individuals who will go on to make the School proud as professionals and alumni.
    Explain your spike factor (something unique about yourself) that you believe will contribute to the Rotman community and is aligned with Rotman values. (up to 500 words)*  Optional - Please upload 1-3 of your 'spikiest' pictures to the supplemental items section of your application here. Note: Your photos must be uploaded as a single PDF.
  • Required video interview (2 questions) with a new timed written response component (10 minutes in length). Check out our blog posts for more details on the video essay and the timed written component

6. English Language Proficiency

One of the following:

  • Undergraduate or graduate degree from a recognized English language university
  • TOEFL iBT (internet based test) score of 100 overall, with a minimum of 22 on speaking and writing. The Rotman MBA TOEFL test code is 8696. Please note: due to COVID-19, we are temporarily accepting the TOEFL IBT Special Home Edition Test
  • IELTS score of 7.0 (Academic) with at least 6.5 for each component . The IELTS test is available in two test formats: Academic or General Training. All candidates take the same Listening and Speaking modules. It is the Reading and Writing components that differ. The Academic version of IELTS measures English language proficiency needed for an academic, higher learning environment. This is the format that is required for an application to the University of Toronto. After you have taken the test, please arrange with the testing agency to send your score electronically to the Rotman School of Management. There is no need to send a paper score sheet.

Note: Students in India and Pakistan do not require further proof of English language proficiency if they have graduated from an English-language university.

7. Interview         

All candidates who are admitted to the program will be interviewed. Interviews are by invitation only.

For more information on what we look for in our applicants, see The Spike Factor, an interview with Admissions Director Imran Kanga.

View Our Admissions Policies

Program Deposit

For candidates who have received offers of admission, a non-refundable deposit of $5000 CAD is required in order to confirm your attendance in the Program by the date outlined in your offer letter. This deposit amount will be credited against outstanding tuition.

Transcript Requirements

Your university transcripts are an important part of your application to the Rotman MBA , demonstrating your ability to successfully complete the academic requirements of the program. Please review our transcript requirements.


Requests to defer an offer of admission will be considered at the discretion of the Admissions Committee and will only be granted for extreme extenuating circumstances. Deferral requests must be communicated no later than April 30th for candidates with offers of admission for the Fall.

If granted, a deferral is valid for one year, and a deposit payment is required to confirm a seat in the Program. We are unable to defer scholarships and awards. Tuition is subject to change annually and will be billed at the increased figure, if applicable.

Wait List

Students on the waitlist will be informed if there is an opening in the Program prior to the start of classes. If unsuccessful, waitlisted candidates may be required to re-apply as they are not guaranteed a spot in the Program.


Applicants who have been denied admission must wait at least one year before re-applying (it is not possible to re-submit an application within the same admission cycle.) Re-applicants should focus on the steps they have taken to improve their application and address any weaknesses in their original submission. It is important to note that there is no relative advantage, or disadvantage, for re-applicants, compared to other applicants.

Applications will not be considered complete until all required elements are received. The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Examination (GRE) should be written prior to the application deadline and all candidates are required to submit a $195 (CAD) application fee. 

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Application Deadlines


Early Round: 
September 2, 2022 October 14, 2022

Round 1: 
October 3, 2022 December 16, 2022

Round 2: 
January 13, 2023 March 17, 2023

Round 3: 
March 6, 2023 May 5, 2023

Round 4: 
April 28, 2023 May 31, 2023

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