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Global Executive MBA

Spanning five continents in 18 months, this unique MBA program will transform your career. Study in the world’s key business hubs, learning from respected faculty and interacting with high-profile corporate leaders and organizations. The Rotman Global Executive MBA immerses you in diverse working cultures, giving you the knowledge and skills you need to fulfill your potential in a world without boundaries.

Grow your leadership on the global stage. Offered by Canada’s leading business school, the Rotman Global Executive MBA will change the way you think, network and do business. The world's most international MBA, it’s an intensive 18-month degree program that exposes you to some of the world’s most exciting markets, while allowing you the flexibility to maintain your career in your home country. You’ll build a network of international contacts, learn invaluable tools to advance your career, and gain the ability to tackle the global business challenges of the future.

Each year, a select group of 30-40 international senior managers participate in two-week residence modules in key business centres, with a strong focus on the emergent economies. For individuals and organizations, the global exposure and international expertise offered by the program is invaluable.

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Experience a career transformation that takes you around the world. Delivered over 18 months, the Global Executive MBA program gives you a first-hand experience of doing business in some of the world’s most exciting markets. While you’re exploring the world, you’ll be delving deeper into your own leadership abilities through an innovative curriculum that combines group work with deep self-development insights and strategic know-how.

"It’s an immersive and transformational Executive MBA program designed to accelerate your leadership potential on the global stage."

The program is structured around 6 two-week residential modules. There is an additional one-week module that kicks off the first residential module in downtown Toronto. You’ll study the fundamentals of global management, benefitting from the real-world insights of Rotman's renowned faculty, ranked #4 in the world for their scholarship and research. The first module is also when you’ll start work on the Applied Innovation Capstone Project, which teaches you to spot, define and capitalize on sources of competitive advantage. It’s an experience that will have a profound and lasting impact on your career, wherever your career takes you.

Have a look at the schedule for our class that just started in 2016. Note that this schedule may be different for classes starting 2017, as modules, locations, and partners are subject to change.

The Global Executive MBA is built around residential modules that take place in different locations around the globe. Lectures and seminars are supplemented with fieldwork, including site visits to local and global enterprises, and in-depth exchanges with their top executives. Between modules, students work on assigned readings, online courses, team-based projects, and individual assignments.

Sample schedule:

 A graphic illustrating the GEMBA schedule for 2018

Schedule subject to change. Click for full size.

Real-World Results

The return on investment for the Global Executive MBA is both personal and professional. You gain an internationally recognized degree from one of the world’s most prestigious universities, and access to some of the top business minds anywhere. The practical knowledge and corporate insights you gain will impact your career and organization — immediately:

  • The program includes real-life projects that answer challenging business problems. You can use your own company for in class projects and develop and apply new techniques and strategies for your organization.
  • Students have been able to deliver major cost savings to their companies and uncover lucrative opportunities as a result of projects completed during the program.
  • By joining the program, you gain immediate access to the knowledge and experience of a network of seasoned international business managers – your fellow classmates, who come from around the world.
  • Residencies in China, South America, Europe, India, the Middle East and North America offer you the chance to explore business development opportunities for your employer.

Many graduates also enjoy significant jumps in their salaries following the program, as a result of increased scope and level of responsibility. The interplay of work and learning is one of the major strengths of the program, which allows you to maintain your career while you study. The program is an investment in your career, and in your own personal and professional potential.

Meet our Global Executive MBA Graduates

Andreea Ciologariu |
Jill Javier
Joerg Landsch
Ricky Ranjan |
Eli Viloria
Eugene Antonov
Christoph Jung
John Tory
Tyler Langdon |

Frequently Asked Questions

US travel restrictions

If you are an international student affected by the recent travel restrictions to the US and are interested in applying to this program, please contact

How many candidates do you accept each year?

We accept up to 40 candidates each year to ensure the most exceptional learning experience.

Is the program delivered by distance learning?

We use a combination of in-class lectures and online sessions to deliver many of the courses. Our goal is to provide a rich experience of classroom discussion, company visits, guest lectures, group projects, cultural experiences and networking activities in each of the program modules. The modules are complemented with online (both live and recorded) lectures and classes, study sessions, pre-program workshops, career sessions and exams. This approach allows the program to deliver a deep, experiential program module while allowing students the opportunity to work through their course curriculum in a more manageable schedule than just in the intensive two-week module.

When do classes begin?

Classes begin once each year in September. Be prepared to dedicate some time to the program in July for tasks such as writing a bio for the student directory, completing any online preparatory classes that may be required, and getting a head start on readings.

Is there an admission deadline?

Yes. We ask candidates to complete their applications to the program by the deadlines indicated on our website. Our admissions committee considers applications on a rolling basis, which means we review applications and admit students on a first-come-first-served basis. Students will be placed on a waitlist and/or considered for the following academic year should we fill our class before the deadline. If you wish to apply after our last deadline, please contact us to enquire about program space.

Is an interview required?

Yes. Interviewing with one of our program directors is an important part of the application process. We want to help you decide whether the Global Executive MBA is the right fit for your career goals before you begin the formal application process. The interview may be conducted either in person, via webcam/Skype or by telephone.

If I meet the minimum admissions criteria for the program what are my chances of being accepted?

Fulfilling the minimum criteria only guarantees you consideration for admission to the program. An offer of admission often depends upon both the individual strength of your application and the strength of your application relative to others seeking admission to the program. Due to the competitive nature of the application process, successful applicants tend to significantly exceed the minimum admissions criteria.

What are the most heavily weighted factors?

We take a ‘whole package’ approach when reviewing applications. We look at the quantitative features of the application such as the GPA and EDT/GMAT/GRE score, but also at the quality of the essays, references, interview, academic background, international work and extra-curricular experiences.

Do I need to write the GMAT or GRE?

Candidates with an undergraduate degree equivalent to the University of Toronto’s four year degree have the option of writing the Executive Diagnostic Tool (EDT) instead of the GMAT or GRE. Learn more about the EDT here. All candidates without a recognized undergraduate degree must write the GMAT.

What is an EDT and do I need to write it? Do I write it after I complete my application?

The Executive MBA Diagnostic Tool (EDT) measures the basic mathematical and analytical skills you will need to successfully work with the course material of the Executive MBA program. A successful EDT result is one part of your completed application, and can be completed at any time after you have been invited to apply to the program. All candidates for the program will be required to pass the EDT, unless they have an eligible Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) result. 

All candidates without an undergraduate degree must write the GMAT.

Learn more about the EDT. 

Do I need to write a TOEFL or IELTS?

Candidates who have completed their undergraduate degrees in a language other than in English must write their TOEFL or IELTS. The minimum overall score required is 93 (writing, 22; speaking, 22) on the TOEFL, and for the IELTS the minimum accepted overall score is 7.0. Please contact us for further information and to find out if this requirement is applicable to you.

Do I need to be employed to be admitted into the Global Executive MBA program?

We prefer students to be employed when applying to, and while enrolled in, the program. However, we will consider each candidate on their own individual merits. Please contact our admissions assistant directorto discuss your individual situation.

Once my application is complete, how long will I have to wait for an admission decision?

We usually review completed and submitted applications within 3-5 business days. You can expect a decision within 5-10 business days of submitting your completed application.

If I’m admitted this year, can I defer my admission to next year?

Please contact us for details at

What should I budget for additional costs associated with travel and accommodations?

We would suggest budgeting an additional $15,000–$25,000 CAD for flights, hotel and dinner expenses.

What is included in the program fee?

The program fees include your textbooks, all course materials, lunch and break snacks on class days (breakfast is often provided by the host hotel on international modules), travel between cities during modules, and one-on-one career coaching.

Do I need travel visas?

The Global Executive MBA class travels to different countries each with its own visa requirements. You are responsible for ensuring your eligibility to obtain a visa to travel to each of those countries before beginning the program. You are also responsible for applying for and obtaining the necessary visa in a timely manner prior to each module. Failure to obtain a visa to one of the destination countries may compromise your ability to complete the program.

How can I pay tuition?

Tuition fees can be paid by personal cheques, wire transfers or bank drafts. We do not accept credit card payments for tuition fees.

Early Enrolment Incentives

November 30, 2017 - $10,000
March 1, 2018 - $ 7,500
June 6, 2018 - $5,000

Program Fee

$107,000 CAD

Payable in installments - $8,000 CAD upon acceptance of offer admission followed by four equal installments due August 25, 2017, January 12, 2018, May 4, 2018 and August 10, 2018.

Please note that all fees are set annually and are subject to change.


  • Tuition
  • Class-day meals
  • Transportation within each module

Excludes (student is responsible for):

  • Travel visas *
  • Flights
  • Accommodations (preferred hotels are available at special group rates)
  • Incidentals

* Note: The Global Executive MBA class travels to different countries each with its own visa requirements. You are responsible for ensuring your eligibility to obtain a visa to travel to each of those countries before beginning the program. You are also responsible for applying for and obtaining the necessary visa before each module. Failure to obtain a visa to one of the destination countries may compromise your ability to complete the program.

For information please contact

The University of Toronto Global Executive MBA program uses a rigorous set of admission criteria, based on a combination of academic abilities, interpersonal skills, and employment credentials. We look for high achievers who can already demonstrate significant professional success and potential for advancement. Typically, students are experienced managers who have lived and worked in at least two countries.

Admission Criteria

  • Significant professional work or management experience
  • Current full-time employment
  • Official transcripts and successful admissions testing
  • Official proof of English proficiency (TOEFL or IELTS) if applicable
  • Successful completion of the Rotman Executive Diagnostic Test, or acceptable GMAT/GRE score.
  • Demonstrated teamwork and leadership skills
  • 2 references
  • Employer consent, if applicable

Note: To qualify for the program, you’re advised to arrange your work schedules and personal and professional responsibilities to allow you to complete the necessary class-work and self-study. You may also consider asking your employer’s consent for the time you will spend away from work. Some students also request financial support from their employers in exchange for increased corporate performance. Please contact for further guidance.

Application Process

Please send us your resume to We will review your qualifications and credentials and contact you to advise you on your suitability for the program and to discuss next steps.

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