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There are more ways than ever to tell your story. The challenge is doing it well. We offer a full range of services across a range of channels. For help on your latest video, brochure, postcard or e-card, contact Stephen Watt.

Projects tend to be discrete initiatives that have a beginning, middle and an end as opposed to a strategy which has a longer term view with several streams of work and layers of tactical elements within them. If you have an event coming up or you need a newsletter to send to your audience, contact us and we can help you figure out the best approach.

To keep us on track, here is a typical process we would follow to manage a project:

Step 1: Planning

  • you contact Marketing and we have an initial meeting
  • you provide information on scope, purpose, goals, budget and deadlines
  • we complete a creative brief together
  • Marketing will then propose an approach, which includes tactics, timelines, roles and responsibilities and whether we can do the work in-house or recommend the use of a vendor*
  • you then sign off on a completed project plan and final creative brief

* If an external vendor is chosen, Marketing will brief the vendor on your behalf and work with them to develop a workback schedule. Once the schedule is agreed to, we will hand them off to you. When a vendor is used, we will include periodic check-ins with Marketing in the workback schedule to ensure we stay on track.

Step 2: Initial Production

  • you create the first draft text or establish the key messages
  • Marketing will finesse the text and/or messaging
  • you approve the final text and/ or messaging
  • designer is engaged

Step 3. Design

  • Design develops concepts
  • you sign off on the concept you like best

Step 4. Feedback and Approvals 

  • feedback on first set of designs captured
  • designer implements changes
  • you sign off on design

Step 5. Production and Delivery

  • depending on what is getting made, a supplier is chosen
  • competitive quotes are obtained if the cost is over $5000
  • design is sent to the supplier
  • piece delivered   

We will input the project plan into a shared outlook calendar and set up meetings in advance so we all are tracking towards the same schedule.

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