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Marketing Communications Strategy & Brand Experience

Persuade or inform. What's your strategy?

Marketing is the art of persuasion; communications is the art of information. Perfecting your approach to both is crucial to reaching your target audience. Need a marketing strategy to achieve your business goals? Contact us.

Marketing Strategy

Reaching your business goals starts with strategy. In the context of marketing, this involves determining your overall vision, objectives and the tactics you will deploy when and how. There are mass tactics that help you build awareness and source leads, such as:

  • advertising (online and in print are the most common)
  • Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing
  • video
  • web design and development

And there are lead cultivation or relationship marketing strategies that help you connect with your audience, such as:

  • enewsletters
  • social media
  • events

Rotman Marketing can help you plan an integrated strategy across both mass and relationship marketing approaches. We have tools and processes that help you think through your next steps. Remember each tactic requires detailed planning, creative development and execution/production and therefore the more time you build into the process the better.

Communications Strategy

A communications strategy is complex and to design it effectively often requires deep thinking and process design. We are fortunate to have business design capacity on our Marketing team lead by Eugene Grichko. We help you think through how you communicate with your audiences from the outset to the conclusion of your initiative.

We have tools and templates that help you plan how you will engage with your audiences in a meaningful way.  

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