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Managing a website can be tricky business. Need help finding a password, building a web page or accessing content? If you are a member of the Rotman community and you are experiencing issues with the web environment, here is a simple FAQ to walk you through common concerns.

I am unable to do what I want on R-world, the student portal and learning management system. What should I do?

Contact the Help Desk at 416.946.8787 or my email at

I am unable to find the School’s directory or update My Attendance on Rotman infosource, the staff and faculty intranet. What should I do?

Contact David Yang, our web master.

How can I set up a new website for my student club?

We can create a Rotman WordPress site for you. Please contact David Yang.

As a staff member I would like to add a section to How do I do this?

At Rotman, we have content owners for all the major sections on the site. These people have the ability to add new content as well as graphics and video. Contact David Yang and he will connect you to the content owner nearest you.

I am a faculty member and I have forgotten how to update my bio online. What do I do?

There are two pieces to your bio. One is the area where your photo, position title, contact information and 70-90 word description of your work resides. To update this area, contact David Yang. The second part of your bio is in essence your CV listing your publications, presentations research interests, etc. This you can update on your own and the process and system for doing this has remained unchanged for some time. If you have forgotten your login information, please contact David Yang.

I am a faculty member and I would like a personal webspace. What should I do?

Contact David Yang and he can build a WordPress site that you can manage yourself.

I am responsible for a section of the website and want to know how much traffic we get. How do I get access to analytics?

Contact David Yang and he can pull a report for you on such things as traffic sources, page views, most visited content, time on your section, bounce rate, etc.

Is there a mobile version of your site?

Our main site is built with responsive design and adjusts automatically to the screen size of the user. There is also a mobile version of the website that highlights the most useful information a user on the go needs. The sections are:

  • Why Rotman
  • Our Programs
  • Admissions
  • Events at Rotman
  • Visit Us
  • Employer Resources 

If you wish to update your content on these sections or want to know more about the mobile experience, contact Eugene.

If you are a website visitor and you would like to comment on our site, please visit our feedback page.

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