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Self-affirmations may calm jitters and boost performance, research finds

April 20, 2015
When the stakes are high, people in positions of low power may perform better by using self-affirmations to boost their confidence, accordin...  > more

You Scratch His Back, He Scratches Mine and I’ll Scratch Yours: How Unethical Behaviour Can Inflate Executives’ Pay

April 08, 2015
New study by Toronto researchers points to how corporate executives can benefit financially from an exclusive VIP network  > more

Nation's "personality" influences its environmental stewardship, shows new study.

October 23, 2014
Toronto – Countries with higher levels of compassion and openness score better when it comes to environmental sustainability, says res...  > more

Number-crunching could lead to unethical choices, says new study

September 15, 2014
Toronto – Calculating the pros and cons of a potential decision is a way of decision-making. But repeated engagement with numbers...  > more

Networking can make some feel "dirty," new study.

September 10, 2014
Toronto – If schmoozing for work leaves you with a certain "ick" factor, that's not just awkwardness you're feeling. Professional net...  > more

Gender quotas work in "tight" cultures, says new paper from the University of Toronto.

July 17, 2014
Toronto – Quotas probably won't get more women into the boardroom in places like the U.S. and Canada. They have a better chance howeve...  > more

Watching Events Together Produces Stronger Emotions says new study.

July 09, 2014
Toronto - The 2014 World Cup has captured the attention of billions of viewers around the globe. For a short period of time, the world has c...  > more

Like some happiness with that? Rotman study suggests fast food cues hurt ability to savor experiences

June 02, 2014
Toronto – Want to be able to smell the roses? You might consider buying into a neighbourhood where there are more sit-down restaurants...  > more

"Transformational leadership" curbs bad attitudes towards change, shows rare study of correctional officers.

January 09, 2014
Toronto – It's no surprise that a cynical attitude towards the prospect of change makes change harder to implement.   But it's ...  > more

Higher Emotional Intelligence leads to better decision-making.

November 19, 2013
Toronto – The anxiety people feel making investment decisions may have more to do with the traffic they dealt with earlier than the po...  > more

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