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Auditing an elective course at Rotman FAQs

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Auditing an elective course at Rotman

Alumni from Rotman’s master’s programs are invited to audit graduate-level elective courses at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, for free, in the fall, winter or spring semesters. An application process is used to select alumni auditors and create a waiting list where required.

Only a handful of selected elective courses are chosen, as per the decision made by the Registrar’s Office in conjunction with course instructors. Space is limited each semester to ensure current students can receive all the necessary credits to graduate.

Interested alumni can apply to audit a course three times per year – fall (late August), winter (November) and spring (April/May). The application timing varies each term depending on when the course schedules are set by the Registrar’s Office.

To be notified about when the next round of applications opens, please email the Alumni Engagement Office at with your name and primary email.

*Eligible alumni who have requested course audit notifications will receive an email with the application form and a list of the available courses for audit. If a course is not listed, it means it is not available for audit, and we ask that you do not email any course instructors directly.


Am I eligible to audit a class?

The ability to audit free graduate elective courses is open to Rotman School of Management degree graduates from any of our full-time, part-time or executive programs.

Please ensure that you email the Alumni Engagement Office at if you wish to be alerted when course auditing applications are available.

Which courses are made available for auditing?

It varies. Each semester the number and variety of courses offered are decided by the Registrar’s Office in conjunction with course instructors. Many factors are taken into consideration including the demand of current student enrollment, professor approval and the capacity of the learning environment. Only a limited number of courses will be available each semester, with a limited number of seats available for auditors.

What is expected of me if I audit a class?

You are expected to attend each class. As mentioned above, there is high demand for auditing courses and limited space. If you are accepted to audit a course, we expect you to take full responsibility for the course material.

When can I audit a class?

Class auditing is available for fall, winter and spring semesters. Eligible alumni who have opted to be notified will receive an email with the application form and course list each semester in April, August and November.

Is there a waiting list?

Alumni will only be able to audit courses once their application has been accepted and there is space available after current students have enrolled. All applicants will hear back on whether they have been accepted or not. Should a space open, the Registrar’s Office will contact you directly.

Can I email a professor to sit in on a class?

No. Alumni are asked not to contact instructors directly regarding their application, or to ask about course availability. Auditing a course without the Registrar’s Office approval is not permitted.

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