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Case Competitions

Testing your skills and knowledge in real-time

Rotman students both participate in international case competitions as well as organize their own. The Rotman International Trading Competition and the Rotman Design Challenge are the two largest the school undertakes. Competitions deepen the school experience and test knowledge in real-time.

Real world experience

The preparation and intensity of the work involved in either participating in or running a case competition cannot be under-estimated but the rewards are far-reaching. Being together with students from all over the world and testing your capability is a fantastic concept. These real-world simulations of market conditions prepare students for the competitive world of global business.

The Graduate Business Council, the student government at Rotman, has posted an extensive list of internal and external case competitions for students in the MBA programs. Our world-reknowned Rotman International Trading Competition is considered to be the finest collegiate trading competition in the world, taking advantage of proprietary Rotman software developed to simulate aspects of real world markets. Another well-known event is the Rotman Design Challenge, run by the Business Design Club, bringing together art schools and business students to use the tools of design to solve complex business problems. 


Rotman Design Challenge

Students come from around the world to tackle a real-world challenge

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