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At Rotman, the school never sleeps. Everywhere you look students, staff, faculty, alumni, corporate partners, and the university community at large are intensely focused on their work. At the same time, there is no shortage of fun and always someone to turn to for help. Join us, it is a great place to be.

At the Rotman School, you will find yourself challenged and motivated to excel by the high calibre of your classmates — peers who will provide a lifetime network of friends and business contacts. The Rotman School deliberately seeks out students who have done interesting things with their personal, academic and professional lives.

Our students have excelled at school and work, travelled, and sought out experiences that make for an incredibly dynamic class. These are people with a winning track record and a story to tell, who will enrich your learning in endless ways. “There is a strong feeling of camaraderie among my peers, a sense of ‘we're all in this together’ that makes it much easier to cope when the workload seems insurmountable,” writes full-time MBA student Stephanie Erb in her Bloomberg BusinessWeek blog. “Another valuable support system I didn't anticipate has been the second-year MBA students…. They are walking, talking motivational posters: living proof that we can do it, too.”


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Meet some of our graduates, and find out which career paths await you after completing your MBA at the Rotman School.


Anand Inbasekaran

Anand Inbasekaran

MBA '2015

A Creative technologist who is passionate about entrepreneurship. Anand is Full-Time MBA student at Rotman School of Management, where he is learning skills in data analytics, decision making and management strategy

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