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How this manager delivers when it comes to beer and business

March 6, 2018

Photo of Alum Arohie ChopraOn any given workday, Arohie Chopra (MBA ’17), a planning and performance manager, is making sure that operations at Labatt Breweries are running as smoothly as possible.

She’s the best person for the job. Since joining the company, six months ago, she’s worked within various departments and handled machinery malfunctions, supply issues and staffing shortages.

“There are constantly unexpected challenges coming up,” she says. “What makes my job so exciting is that there’s no such thing as a typical day.”

Perhaps the most surprising thing about Chopra’s job is that it has turned out to be everything she was looking for, though she hadn’t initially considered working in this industry or type of role. Looking back, given her background in engineering, as well as the knowledge and skills she’s acquired through the Rotman School of Management, her current role is a perfect fit.

From engineer to business professional

As a teenager, Chopra was fascinated by the mechanics of how things work and how to make things bigger and grander.

Engineering was a perfect match for her interests. After earning a degree in mechanical engineering, she started working in the sales side of engineering. As she progressed further in this career, she found herself, again, wondering about how things worked and how to increase her impact.

“I wanted to know more about how companies evolved, made decisions and conducted business globally.”

—Arohie Chopra (MBA ’17), Manager, Labatt Breweries of Canada

“I was doing interesting work, but I began thinking more and more about how the business world functioned,” she says. “I wanted to know more about how companies evolved, made decisions and conducted business globally.”

To get at some of the answers, she came to Rotman to complete the Full-Time MBA program. She knew the School’s faculty and prime location could give her the global perspective that she was seeking. And Chopra opted for classes in operations, management and strategy to complement her technical background.

Today, while on the job, she often draws on the lessons she picked up in the classroom.

“If we’re acquiring a new brewery or launching a new product, it goes beyond optimizing the production process,” she explains. “It’s about making sure that everyone in the organization understands why we’re making changes and how they will strengthen our position as a major beer manufacturer. That’s where those concepts about leadership and change management really come into play.”

How she got the job

When it comes to getting the career you want, it all comes down to networking, says Chopra. In her case, she made an effort to meet and connect with Rotman students, alumni and guest speakers during her MBA.

Her focus paid off. In her first year, she approached the CEO of Canada Post when he came to speak at the School. By putting herself on his radar and connecting with others at the corporation, she eventually landed a summer internship, the first of its kind, with the organization’s internal strategy team.

“I was doing interesting work, but I began thinking more and more about how the business world functioned.”

—Arohie Chopra (MBA ’17), Manager, Labatt Breweries of Canada

In addition, she introduced herself to a recruiter from Labatt at a School event that she helped organize as Rotman Operations Management Association president. This meeting helped her land her current role with the company.

The recruiter saw how Chopra’s strong technical background, management knowledge and quick thinking would make her the perfect person to troubleshoot problems and ensure that the brewery’s production lines could run smoothly. After a series of interviews, she earned a spot in the organization’s three-month rotational trainee program, was subsequently offered a position overseeing packaging operations at Labatt’s Montreal plant and promoted to her current role.

Ultimately, meaningful networking is a long-term investment, says Chopra.

“Don’t go into every conversation with the single purpose of finding a job. Instead, treat every exchange like a learning opportunity. See if there are insights you can learn,” she says. “At the same time, let the other person know what you’re capable of and how you can contribute.”

Written by Rebecca Cheung | More Student Stories »

Arohie Chopra

Class year

MBA ’17


Montreal, QC


Consumer Goods

Current role

Manager, Planning and Performance, Craft
(recently promoted from: Group Manager, Packaging)
Labatt Breweries of Canada
Montreal, QC

Previous employment

Inside Sales
Mobile Climate Control
Toronto, ON

Previous education

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
Concordia University
Montreal, QC