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Meet the 2022 Rotman Alumni Winners making waves in the global business community

September 29, 2022

This year, the Rotman School of Management recognizes Eliza Casinather (MEMBA ’15), Barry McInerney (BComm ’85, MBA ’87) and Rajeev Chib (Executive MBA ’08) as outstanding alumni who continue to make a positive impact in their organizations and communities.

The alumni will be celebrated during the Rotman Alumni Awards on Thursday, October 20, 2022, as part of the Reunite at Rotman homecoming event on October 20 and 21.

All current students, faculty and staff are welcome to attend or watch via livestream.


Rotman Leader to Watch: Eliza Casinather (MEMBA ’15)

Eliza Casinather (MEMBA ’15)

Morning MBA alumna Eliza Casinather’s mission is to open more doors for underrepresented groups, both in Canada and across the globe.

“We need to change the narrative that under-represented means under-qualified,” says Casinather, people and culture director at CIBC Capital Markets. “Each step in the talent cycle is an opportunity to challenge long-held biases, incorporate inclusive behaviours and create environments that foster inclusion and belonging in the workplace.”

Growing up in various countries around the world, then studying and working in New York City and Toronto, Casinather has always had an appreciation for diverse perspectives. During her MBA, she pursued opportunities to further expand her global reach, taking part in the Rotman China Study Tour before wrapping up her degree in Australia. On campus, she also led professional development initiatives for the Rotman Women in Management Association and recruited for CIBC’s Technology Leadership programs.

Now, Casinather uses her skills to oversee the talent strategy and programs behind CIBC’s global capital markets division with a lens on equity, inclusion and belonging.

“Equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) needs to be built into the fabric of an organization in order to improve business outcomes, attract high caliber talent and successfully compete in today’s dynamic markets,” says Casinather.

“My goal is for all Canadians to dream fearlessly and achieve full potential regardless of gender, ability, racial/ethnic background, sexual orientation, educational pedigree, lived experience or socio-economic background."

Outside of her work, Casinather volunteers her time and expertise to organizations such as the Canadian Association of Urban Finance Professionals, the Canadian Paralympic Committee, Girls E-Mentorship and Women in Aerospace Canada.


Rotman Volunteer Excellence Award: Rajeev Chib (Executive MBA ’08)

Rajeev Chib (Executive MBA ’08)

Rajeev Chib still remembers the serendipitous moment when the course of his career changed over a game of squash. He was playing against an opponent, who unbeknownst to Chib, was a marketing executive at a mutual fund company.

“He took me under his wing and helped me start my career in financial services,” says Chib, reflecting on the many mentors who supported him over the years. Following his Executive MBA from Rotman in 2008, he moved to join Citibank’s Hong Kong office, where he’s now the chief operating officer of the bank’s financial institutions sales and solutions arm in Asia.

Now, Chib prioritizes helping business students and young professionals thrive in their careers. As a mentor in the Rotman LEADS Program, he connects with students interested in financial services to help guide them towards success in the industry.

“Mentorship is an equal equation,” says Chib. “What they learn from me, I learn equally from them.”

Recently, Chib rounded up a group of Rotman alumni based in Asia to fund a new scholarship for students in the Rotman Commerce program. He’s also an active member of the International Dean’s Advisory Boards at Rotman, using his experience and perspectives to help improve the experience for students across the school.

Outside of Rotman, he leads the Doctor of Business Community based out of the City University of Hong Kong, where he completed his doctorate degree in leadership and organizational behaviour. He also volunteers with the Asia Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association, UNICEF Canada, Canadian Immigration Services and more.

“My advice to those wanting to give back to the community is to start small, and start with something you care about,” he says.


Rotman Lifetime Achievement Award: Barry McInerney (BComm ’85, MBA ’87)

Barry McInerney (BComm ’85, MBA ’87)

Over his 35-year career, Barry McInerney has led global investment companies based in New York, Chicago and Toronto, establishing himself as a leader throughout multiple crises that shook the financial sector — from 9/11 to the 2008 financial crisis and most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic.

In June 2022, he retired as president and CEO of Mackenzie Investments, which he calls the capstone of his career.

“Since my undergraduate years, I’ve always wanted to be a leader and a CEO of companies,” says McInerney, who entered the asset management industry after completing his MBA from Rotman. During his six years at Mackenzie Investments, he doubled earnings, more than tripled assets under management and focused on enriching the culture and diversity across the firm.

“Culture can be a real differentiator for success, and leaders must change as society and employees change,” McInerney says. “It’s not just about your profits and share price anymore. It goes beyond that and into the fabric of the company — is there diversity in your teams, and do people feel heard? What are you doing externally for the good of society?”

Passionate about giving back his time, resources and expertise to organizations in education and healthcare, McInerney has served on multiple boards including St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation, Black North Initiative and Alpine Canada.

Currently, he serves on Rotman’s Dean’s Advisory Board. McInerney also spearheaded the creation of a student investment fund at Rotman — funded by Mackenzie Investments — which would give students interested in finance the opportunity to trade securities and build portfolios in class. The fund will be launched in the coming year.

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