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You belong here.

You belong at the Rotman School, where our MBA programs open a world of possibilities. Six Rotman students share their stories of personal transformation in these six short videos. Get inspired!

Sean Blomfield on Diversity. Learn more→

Amazing things happen when you find yourself in a classroom full of high achievers from around the world. According to Sean Blomfield, a Full-Time MBA program at the Rotman School, this diversity is more than a strength of the program. It's empowering.

Erica Davison on Community. Learn more→

She calls it her 'aha' moment, and for Erica, it came in the very first week of her time in the Morning MBA program at the Rotman School.

Janice Pong on Possibilities. Learn more→

Learn what Full-Time MBA student Janice Pong discovered about herself and her future career opportunities during her time at the Rotman School.

Photo of Dylan Young

Dylan Young on Excellence. Learn more→

When Dylan signed up for a sample Evening MBA class at the Rotman School, he did not expect it to be the first step in a lifelong transformation.

Meredith Baade on Compassion. Learn more→

What started as a unfortunate loss yielded a beautiful surprise for MBA student Meredith Baade, who learned a lesson in compassion from her fellow students at the Rotman School.

Photo of Lechin Lu

Lechin Lu on Social Impact. Learn more→

Lechin never expected someone of her unusual background could find so much career success by earning a Morning MBA from the Rotman School.

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