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Admission Criteria

Students applying to the JD/MBA program must be admitted to both the Law and Management faculties. As such, a separate application to each faculty must be submitted. Students who have completed the first year of either the JD or MBA program may apply for admission to the combined JD/MBA Program by meeting the normal application and admission requirement for the other faculty.

Faculty of Law Admissions

The Faculty believes that the qualities of mind and personality necessary to satisfy its requirements are:

(a) high intelligence
(b) sound judgment
(c) the capacity and motivation for demanding intellectual effort
(d) the capacity and motivation to engage in sophisticated legal reasoning, and
(e) an understanding and sensitivity to human interaction.

As evidence of these qualities, the Faculty looks at a number of factors. These include: academic achievement; Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score; non-academic achievement the response to disadvantage due to adverse personal or socio-economic circumstances or to barriers faced by cultural (including racial or ethnic) or linguistic minorities; motivation and involvement in academic and non-academic activities; and the impact of temporary or permanent physical disabilities.

In recent years, successful regular applicants had a median LSAT score in the 95th percentile, and a median cumulative undergraduate academic record of 84% (in the case of applicants with 4 years of undergraduate experience, this statistic is based on the best 3 of the 4 years). Very few candidates are admitted with LSAT scores below the 85th percentile and cumulative undergraduate academic records below 78%, unless their backgrounds, other qualifications, or personal accomplishments would, in the opinion of the Admissions Committee, contribute specially and significantly to the class.

For more details, please see the Faculty of Law's Calendar or go to The official application and law calendar are available through the Ontario Law School Application Services.

Rotman Admissions

The Rotman Admissions Committee seeks outstanding candidates who possess the following traits:

(a) the potential to become exceptional managers
(b) demonstrated leadership capabilities
(c) strong motivation in academic and professional pursuits
(d) maturity
(e) breadth of purpose
(f) a desire to have an impact

Candidates are evaluated on a total portfolio of performance, personal characteristics and life experiences. This includes: a minimum B average in final year of undergraduate studies; strong communication skills demonstrated through written essays, video essays and a personal interview; and two professional reference letters. Work experience is not a requirement, however the committee expects your academic and personal background to reflect diversity and experience. Click here for the Rotman MBA application form.

GMAT waiver is available for all Law students. If you have applied to the University of Toronto Faculty of Law, you do not need to submit a GMAT score as part of your Rotman application. We do recommend that candidates consider taking the exam (even after being accepted) as it could open up the possibilities for additional scholarships and contribute to a more competitive profile for post-MBA recruitment. Please note that the GMAT waiver only stands if you are eventually accepted to and enroll at U of T Law.

Candidates wishing to take advantage of the GMAT waiver must send a request to to have their LSAT scores transferred to the Rotman School of Management.

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