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Fees and Financial Aid

2020 Program Fees

Over the course of the four-year program, JD/MBA students pay first year program fees to the Faculty of Law and second year tuition fees to the Rotman School. Students pay the program fees corresponding to the higher of the two faculties' fees in third and fourth years.

While this might appear to be a large outlay, students should consider the value of the individual degrees and the benefits of the condensed program. Students typically find opportunities in business and law during their summers in the program, which helps with their financing. Moreover, the financial aid officers at both faculties are ready and willing to help students find ways to finance their education though university and government assistance programs.

Domestic students who entered the JD/MBA program in September 2020 paid the following fees*:
Year 1 (JD only): $33,040
Year 2 (MBA): $46,270
Year 3 (JD/MBA): $46,270
Year 4 (JD/MBA): $46,270

There may be additional incidental/ancillary fees levied for enrolment in specific courses or for individual circumstances. Incidental fees, which include campus fees and student society fees, cover the fall and winter terms only. Please check your invoice/account.

*NOTE: These are estimated domestic students’ tuition fees and are subject to Governing Council approval. For complete domestic students’ tuition fees information please refer to the University of Toronto Tuition Fee Schedule.


Entrance scholarships and fellowships are offered on the basis of exceptional merit and on the combination of both merit and need. All applicants to the JD/MBA are automatically assessed for entrance scholarships from both Faculties unless otherwise specified.

Scholarships are awarded on a merit basis and can range in value according to the strength of the application as a whole. Please note that admission decisions can be made prior to entering the joint program, but scholarship decisions will be made when students are in first year Law. To be considered for scholarship from the JD/MBA scholarship pool, applications must be received by the Round Two deadline in January of the MBA start year (i.e. while in first year Law).”.

Awards at the Faculty of Law

Students are considered for all JD awards as well as those specific to JD/MBA students. A list of all scholarships, bursaries and fellowships available at the Faculty of Law is available at the Faculty of Law financial aid website.

Awards at the Rotman School of Management

Students are considered for all Full-Time MBA awards as well as those specific to JD/MBA students. A list of all scholarships and awards available at the Rotman School is available at the Financial Assistance website.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship

Jointly supported by the Ontario Government, the University of Toronto and generous donors to the Rotman School these scholarships are intended to encourage and support academic excellence at the master’s and doctoral levels and are awarded to students enrolled in full-time studies who have obtained a first class standing. An Ontario Graduate Scholarship at the Rotman School of Management is held for one year and valued at $10,000 to $15,000 per year, thanks to the generous support of our donors. JD/MBA students entering the second year of the combined program are eligible to apply to the Rotman School for this award.

Students interested in applying for an Ontario Graduate Scholarship should consult the School of Graduate Studies website for eligibility, conditions and application forms.

Financial Aid

The Faculty of Law and the Rotman School of Management strive to admit only the best candidates to its JD/MBA programs, and is working to remove the financial barriers that qualified applicants may face in making this serious investment in time and expense over the next four years. We are committed to helping you find a way to finance your education by providing you with a broad range of options to consider.

Financial aid at both the Faculty of Law and the Rotman School is comprised of distinct loan programs (through Scotiabank at the Faculty of Law) and bursary assistance. All JD/MBA students are eligible for consideration for financial aid from both the Law School and the Rotman School of Management during the combined program.

Scotiabank Professional Student Plan

The Faculty of Law has partnered with Scotiabank to provide domestic JD students (Canadian Citizens and permanent residents) with the Scotia Professional Student Plan, specifically tailored to helping students meet the education costs of the JD degree.  The Faculty of Law assists students by providing an subsidy for the monthly interest on this amount for the duration of the student’s program.  Students may be eligible for this interest-free loan based on financial need as assessed by the Faculty of Law.  In addition to receiving the interest-subsidized basic amount, students may be eligible to draw additional funds for living expenses; this “overdraft” amount is not interest-subsidized.  Please refer to the financial aid section of the Faculty of Law JD program website for full details: University of Toronto Faculty of Law Financial Aid Office


All JD/MBA students are eligible for consideration for bursaries from the Faculty of Law in their first, third and fourth years in the program. Admission to the JD/MBA Program is considered on a "need-blind" basis and eligibility for financial aid is not assessed prior to the decision to admit. However, applicants should begin the process of determining financial need early by considering what personal financial resources are available to contribute towards their education. Bursary assistance is provided to domestic students who demonstrate the greatest financial need, but only after exhausting all other funding sources, in particular government and Scotiabank Interest-Subsidized Tuition Loans. Students apply for bursaries through the Faculty of Law.

First-year students’ financial aid applications must be returned to the Faculty of Law by mid-July and upper-year students’ financial aid applications must be returned to the Faculty of Law by early August. For further information please refer to the financial aid section of the Faculty of Law website.

School of Graduate Studies Emergency Bursary Program

These bursaries are given on the basis of financial need to students who are already in a graduate degree program and for whom continuation in the program is in jeopardy for financial reasons. These bursaries are not considered to be a source of long-term funding for a student's program, but are intended to be a bridge for temporary lack of funds. Funds are dispersed throughout the year. Click here for the SGS Graduate Bursary Form or send an e-mail to

School of Graduate Studies Emergency Loan

The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) has an Emergency Loan Program that allows for a maximum amount of $500 to be obtained in emergency situations. Contact SGS via e-mail at, or visit their Web site at

Government Loans

Each provincial government administers and maintains a student financial aid program in cooperation with the federal government's Canada Student Loan Program. Students are responsible for researching funding opportunities from their respective provincial government and for applying where eligible. When you apply to your provincial government for assistance, you are also automatically applying to receive a loan through the federal Canada Student Loans Program (CSL). In Ontario, the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) is available to help supplement (not replace) the financial resources that the student is expected to contribute. Information about OSAP can be found online at

Eligibility requirements, maximum borrowing amounts and loan repayment policies vary from province to province. Usually the assistance is in the form of interest-free loans while a student is in school, although some provinces award grants to students or offer additional assistance to students graduating with debt over a certain amount.

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