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Why the Rotman JD/MBA?

Today's competitive business environment demands integrative thinkers who are flexible and global in orientation. At the University of Toronto's Faculty of Law and Rotman School of Management, we are redesigning business and law education to produce the leaders organizations need to win in the new millennium.

The JD/MBA Program is a four-year combined degree offered by the Faculty of Law and the Rotman School of Management. At the completion of the four-year integrated program, the successful student is awarded both the Juris Doctor and the Master of Business Administration degrees, which, if taken separately, would require five years of study.

Students are immersed in a demanding, innovative curriculum taught by the most distinguished business school and law school faculty in the country. Students in the JD/MBA program come from a wide variety of academic backgrounds, including arts and humanities, science, engineering and business administration. What JD/MBA students do have in common are determination, academic excellence and a desire to receive a broad education that will lead to rewarding career opportunities.

Recruiters place a high value on the JD/MBA degree when they search for qualified candidates for summer and full-time positions. Students can sample multiple career paths over their three summers in the program and those who have successfully completed the program have pursued rewarding careers in Canada, the U.S. and abroad, in fields such as corporate law, investment banking, consulting, venture capital and in-house corporate work, to name a few. The expertise gained by JD/MBA graduates is exceptionally valued in the workplace, leading to innumerable opportunities.  It also affords students with unparalleled long-term career flexibility.

The University of Toronto's JD/MBA Program provides a unique and comprehensive education that will give you the tools to succeed in the new world of business. With a minimum of $600,000 worth of scholarships dedicated to JD/MBA students and a GMAT waiver available with the submission of an LSAT score, we aim to remove barriers for stellar students to enroll in the joint degree program. Become a part of the community and put yourself at the centre of the action.

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