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Career Scenarios

The Skoll Program can meet many career needs. Meet some hypothetical individuals for whom the Skoll Program is a natural preparation.

  • Frank is a young engineer with important innovative ideas who wishes to start his own company and bring new products to market.
  • Anna is a young manager who realizes that her ability to transform her department (or division, or company) to the new ways of doing business will require her to understand information technology.
  • Shabeer has just been hired to manage a program of engineering research grants for the government, and he knows that his understanding of the impacts of technology will be as important as his knowledge of engineering itself.
  • Regina is interested in a technical career in a rapidly growing high-technology company and she knows that she must understand how the whole company functions and how it uses and values her work.
  • Ho-Lung will have a family opportunity to run a medium-sized civil engineering company and he quickly sees that his management skills will be as important as his engineering knowledge.
  • Emily is very interested in chemical engineering and, while she plans to contribute technically for several years, she is interested in moving into management before long. 

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