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Connecting with Rotman Students

Let's work together

A member of the Rotman career team will be appointed to work exclusively with you to achieve your goals and help your firm develop a comprehensive campus recruitment strategy. Learn more about ways to connect with our talented students.

Mock Interviews

Sample the talent of Rotman MBAs and help students improve their interviewing techniques at the same time. Industry mock interviews in finance, consulting and marketing are organized each year and the program usually attracts over 150 applications.

Student Clubs     

Rotman students are involved in close to 20 different industry-focused clubs and associations. These groups host a variety of special events year-round, including industry competitions, receptions, speaker series and panel discussions providing excellent opportunities for both corporate participation and sponsorship. Visit the student clubs page for a full list of industry-related groups at Rotman.

Industry Seminars

Tell students about your industry and highlight your company’s contribution to it. Industry seminars take place in the fall and attract large audiences of first year students discovering their career options. This is an excellent way to share your passion for your industry while getting to know our MBAs.

Career Education Workshops

Present your organization while broadening students’ learning experience by participating in career education events. Resume clinics and interview preparation sessions are examples of events that have been organized in the past. Consult your Career Centre Relationship Manager to help coordinate the details of your customized special event.

Site Visits     

Opening the doors of your company to Rotman students can be a great way to connect with them while showcasing your offices and people. There are a number of opportunities either during orientation week or later on in the academic year to host first year students at your office and leave them with a lasting impression of your firm.

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