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Flexible Internships FAQ for Employers

Hire year-round with our Flexible Internship Program

The Flexible Internship Program (FIP) is a government-recognized cooperative education program. Employers in Ontario who hire students through FIP may be eligible for the co-op tax credit of up to $3000. Employers may hire students for internships or co-op positions year-round during any of the following work terms: Summer (May – August), Fall (September – December), or Winter/Spring (January – April).

Internship Recruiting Process for Employers

What is changing about the program?

This expands the talent pool available during fall and winter to allow students (both domestic and international students) to work full-time (prior to this, international students could only work 20 hours per week during non-summer terms).

The newly introduced academic course requires students to be more formally reflective during their internships. This helps students to demonstrate, develop, and apply newly acquired MBA knowledge and skills on the job.

The program also expands opportunities to hire students across increased functional roles in your organization that need talent year-round.

How do I become a registered employer?

The Rotman MBA Career Portal is the hub where our students and recent graduates visit for job opportunities. As an employer, you will be able to post opportunities, view submitted applications, and access resume books. There is no cost to registering, posting, or recruiting from any of our programs.

New Employers: Steps to Register on the Rotman MBA Career Portal

  1. Register an employer account on the Rotman MBA Career Portal
  2. Upon receipt, a dedicated Career Centre staff member will review and approve your registration.
  3. Registration approval usually takes 1 business day via a confirmation email.

Current/Returning Employers

Returning employers may use the same log-in and repost any of the previous cycle’s submissions.

You can reset your password here.

When do we have to submit our fall or winter term needs?

Click here to view key dates for recruitment at Rotman. 

For the first year, we encourage employers to submit their potential needs as early as possible to allow students the time to help plan their work term effectively.

We will accept internship/co-op postings for year-round or just-in-time hiring. However, for later posting submissions you can anticipate a lower application pool.

How many students will be available in fall or winter term?

The summer work term will continue to be the most popular work term with an anticipated 60-70% of students opting for a summer internship in the first year.

We anticipate the remaining 30-40% of students will opt for Fall or Winter internships across all industries. The earlier we can identify Fall and Winter options the earlier students can make internship timing decisions.

Is there a fee to post and how long should I post my internship/co-op position for?

No, there is no fee to post or participate in our programs. Determining how long to have your posting open depends on your recruitment timelines. Typically positions are posted for a period of two weeks to allow enough time for students to prepare their applications and apply. We can certainly extend the posting timeline if you wish. We notice that most students submit applications closer to the posting deadline. This is not a reflection of their interest in the opportunity but a way to manage the demands of the recruitment process and their academic commitment.

When can students start their internship/co-op?

Students are eligible to start their internship/co-op only after they complete the first year of academic studies. Internships may begin as early as April for the Summer term, or as late January for the Winter/Spring term.

This allows all employers equal access to the first year class.

Will we be matched with a student?

No, we don’t match students to employers. Our process is to post the jobs and work with students to prepare their applications. Employers will decide which students to interview and hire. The student will decide whether to accept or decline the offer. Our Career Centre team will work closely with students to provide guidance during this process.

What paperwork is involved upon hiring an intern?

Please submit the letter of offer/employment contract directly to the student. We may follow up with you regarding additional information on a student’s internship. During the course of the internship, students are required to submit midpoint and final evaluations to fulfill the program requirements. As such, students are encouraged to take the lead in meeting with their supervisor to review and complete these documents.

If I hire a student, am I eligible for the Cooperative Tax Credit?

Employers in Ontario may be eligible for financial support through the Ontario Co-operative Education Tax Credit, resulting in a refundable tax credit equal to 25-30% of eligible expenditures (i.e. up to $3,000 for each qualifying work placement). If your organization is eligible to receive an Ontario Employer Tax Credit, the Rotman MBA Career Centre will provide you with the certification letter at end of the internship. To determine eligibility and for more information, visit the Canada Revenue Agency website at:

For internships/co-ops outside of Ontario, please refer to your provincial cooperative education tax credit guidelines.

For internships/co-op outside of Canada, please consult with the Rotman MBA Career Centre.

How much are internship/co-op students paid and do they work full-time or part-time?

Hired student interns must work full-time during their internship. Some of our employers have their own pre-determined salary levels for internship/co-op students. We record our salary statistics annually, and new employers may choose to refer to these salary ranges to help determine the rate they are willing to pay prospective student hires. Upon completion of the internship, employers may extend a part-time offer if they wish. However, part-time offers must meet the work permit guidelines.

Please see our Employment and Salary Report.

What are employers responsible for?

We require that all students are evaluated and provided a copy of the final evaluation to the student.

Will the academic component detract from the internship experience?

The academic course requirements are designed to have a very modest impact upon the students during the internship.

The internship experience will be more meaningful through activities such as journal keeping and faculty-led training focused on coaching and reflections. Academic check-ins with the instructor will also provide additional support for students during their internship.

What do I do if I have concerns about the student?

We strongly encourage you to contact us if you have concerns about a student’s performance or well-being. Student employees are subject to the same performance standards, ethics and code of conduct that you would expect from any employee. Our office is here to support both the employer and student throughout the internship.

When can I offer students a full-time offer?  If we like our student, can we hire her or him after the internship is completed?

Employers can extend full-time offers at any time to students. However, after completing the internship, students are required to return to their studies to complete their degree requirements. Employers are encouraged to work with students directly to determine the optimal starting date, including part-time options. Feel free to contact the Rotman MBA Career Centre if you would like further guidance on post-graduation offers.

Can students do more than one internship?

No. Currently, the program is designed for students to complete one internship only.

What are the options for an internship longer than 4 months (1 term)?

Currently, the program is designed for students to complete one internship only for 10 - 16 weeks.

However, in unique circumstances and with consultation with the Career Centre, we can work with employers who would like to extend the internship time beyond 4 months. Please note: The extension would not be eligible for a second elective course credit or a second tax credit. Students are eligible to work part-time after their internship is completed and within the parameters of their individual immigration work permit.

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