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Module 2: East Asia - Hong Kong, and Shanghai, China

Dynamic Economies

Shanghai Global Executive MBA

Corporate Strategy

In this course students extend the analysis of business-level strategy to the corporate or multi-business level. Students address decision-criteria for guiding diversification strategies, strategic factors influencing the optimal size of a firm, and extreme competition and its implications for corporate strategy. Students also learn how multi-business-unit firms exploit network effects, and discuss the extent to which corporate strategies are congruent with the overall welfare of humankind. Topics will be explored through the lens of economic theory.

International Accounting 1

Accounting is an essential link between business activities and numerous decision stakeholders—investors, creditors, customers, and suppliers. This course teaches Financial  Reporting Basics such as balance sheets, income statements, and cash-flow statements, and how to interpret financial information and annual reports for multi-national companies.

Global Strategic Management

Increased complexity and risk management are always challenging, especially in today’s market. This course uses cases and article research to connect strategic management theory with application. Building on a comprehensive and coherent framework, students receive an integrated approach to relating and applying diverse streams of research and practice.

Global Marketing 1

The goal of marketing is to achieve organizational goals and create customer value. This course considers how customers’ needs are defined and how to develop a competitive and differentiated marketing strategy.  Students exploring positioning, value statements and the marketing mix, apply new ideas to a variety of cases, and develop brand-health scorecards for their companies.

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Global Executive MBA Classroom - 1 of 6 modules that go to countries like China, India, Hungary, Italy, Brazil, Turkey, and the UAE

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