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About Me: Jasmine - MMA Class of 2024

Quick info:

  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Class of 2024
  • Previous education: 
    • Honours Bachelor of Science, Double Major in Computer Science and Financial Modelling, Western University, 2019

Why did you decide to join the Master of Management Analytics program?

The MMA program at the University of Toronto, different from ordinary business analysis or data science programs, this project perfectly combines the technology side with business knowledge. Besides mastering more cutting-edge data science skills, I can understand how to apply them to business and management, turning theories into real-world insights. Furthermore, the three-month internship is valuable, arming me with unique practical experience.

Top Reason(s) for choosing Rotman:

In my decision to close the Rotman Business School in Toronto, I considered the dynamic business landscape of the city, which is a hub for numerous large global organizations. The strategic location of Rotman, just a few blocks away from these corporate giants, presented an invaluable opportunity for students to engage with industry leaders.

Rotman Business School has been instrumental in facilitating countless events and networking sessions, providing students with a unique platform to connect with professionals from diverse sectors. By fostering these connections, students are able to build strong relationships with key players in the business world.

These relationships serve as a golden ticket or stepping stone to future dream jobs. The insights gained, mentorship received, and collaborative ventures explored through Rotman's initiatives contribute significantly to the professional development of our students. I believe that the skills and connections forged during their time at Rotman will play a pivotal role in propelling them toward successful careers.

What are you looking forward to the most in the program?

Beyond the prospect of refining my technical and communication skills and establishing solid relationships within my cohort, what excites me most about the program is the anticipated practicum experience. The practicum essentially functions as a condensed co-op program, wherein students are carefully matched and assigned to various companies based on their industry interests and expertise.

During the practicum, we have the opportunity to leverage a spectrum of programming languages, including Python, SQL, and R—skills we've diligently cultivated during the tool term. Applying these languages in real-world scenarios allows us to tackle authentic business challenges. This hands-on experience not only reinforces our theoretical knowledge but also sharpens our problem-solving abilities in practical settings.

What do you expect to gain in your next 11 months at Rotman?

Over the next 11 months at Rotman, I am eager to embark on a transformative journey with a clearer expectations of both academic and personal development. Firstly, I aim to deepen my understanding of key business concepts and enhance my analytical skills through the diverse range of courses offered. I anticipate acquiring a robust foundation in strategic thinking, data analysis, and leadership, which are vital components for success in today's dynamic business environment.

Beyond academics and professional growth, I anticipate personal development through exposure to diverse cultures, ideas, and experiences within the Rotman community. The rich diversity at Rotman provides a fertile ground for cultivating global perspectives and cross-cultural communication skills, which are increasingly important in today's interconnected business world.


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