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First Impressions-August, Shashank, MMA Class of 2020

Excited to update my new school name, new city in a new country on LinkedIn. It was fascinating and overwhelming for me at the same time. After a long 24-hour flight I reached Toronto. My amusement for the new city and school helped me get out of the Jet Lag. From the previous class, I got to know that the program is quite intensive, so I reached Toronto 7 days before the program start to settle down and finish up some preliminary tasks such as opening a Bank Account, getting New Phone number, SIN Number, Presto Card and UofT ID Card.

Rotman: Here’s where it changes.

Facebook and WhatsApp groups were formed before joining and we were continuously getting updates from Julie, Stella, and Jessica. We had two webinars, a program services webinar with Stella and Julie in May and a Career services webinar with Professor Dmitry, Jessica and Stella in June. These webinars answered most of our questions about onboarding and program expectations. Before landing, I received an invitation to chat with Jessica, our career coach, to discuss my career goals. After reaching Toronto I met her on 6th August and later collected my MMA kit from Julie and Anita. Every function at Rotman is dedicated to make you successful which can be felt on the first visit itself. Everybody I met on that day was so welcoming.

The warm reception of people at Rotman helped me overcome the overwhelming new atmosphere.

Big Day!

Orientation was the time to meet all the new faces that are going to enrich my next 9 months with tons of learning experiences. We had an early morning start with breakfast and reception by Professor Susan Christoffersen, Vice Dean undergraduate and Specialized programs. After that we got to know our class teams and our day ended with some fabulous fun team building activities . Next day, we had sessions from Self Development Lab - SDL and TD-Management Data and Analytics Lab, these facilities are unique to Rotman and I was eagerly looking forward to know more about them. These facilities are going to help us curate the right skill set for our professional success. In the evening, a panel discussion with the alumni was organized where we learnt about their experiences of the program and how to make the best of it.

Intro term - Time to use the iconic staircase!

Intro term comprises of two subjects Data Based Management Solutions and Analytics in Management. These two courses run in parallel to Analytics Colloquia sessions. Data Based Management solutions is a case-based course that gives you a taste of how data analytics is used in making management decisions. Analytics in management is like a mini MBA which covers all the MBA topics concisely in a single course. We also had sessions from Vector institute, Creative Destruction Lab - CDL and Brian Keng, the Data Scientist in residence. Since our class is very diverse, with people coming in from all over the globe, it essential to understand common grounds. Rotman again helped us out with multiple sessions on ethnic differences, imbibing the idea that people from different places may have different habits, and respecting diversity is an essential component of success. After the first few weeks, practicum teams and companies were revealed. I’m super excited to start the project with one of the major global banks. One month into the program and it has been as intense as it could be but managing time for pleasure and being able to actually enjoy these little time bubbles is the art that Rotman is going to help me, master. 

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