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Operations Management and Statistics offers courses providing an in-depth analysis of a variety of topics, including; theory of production planning and control, inventory theory, logistics, modelling service operations, and facility location.

Not all courses are offered each year/ each semester. Check with the PhD Office at for courses schedule information.

For a listing of courses across all areas please see here.

RSM 3041 Seminar in Operations Management

This course consists of presentations by invited speakers on current issues in Operations Management, as well as student presentations on the research projects they are involved in. A variety of applied and theoretical topics are covered. Normally students attend this course throughout their tenure in the program, however it is only taken for credit once, usually in the second year of studies. In the term when the course is taken for credit the student is required to turn in a substantial research paper and to present the results in class.

RSM 3045 Advanced Topics in Operations Management - I

2014-2015 Course Outline RSM3045

RSM 3046 Advanced Topics in Operations Management - II

These courses provides students with in-depth analysis of some of the theory and methods of Operations Management and form the primary “foundation” courses for the PhD studies. The topics covered vary from year to year. They are typically drawn from the following list:

  • Theory of Production Planning and Control
  • Inventory Theory
  • Logistics
  • Modelling Service Operations
  • Facility Location Students who have already taken RMS3045 for credit, but wish to study the special topic offered in a particular year are encouraged to take the course again (using the RMS3090 course number for the second registration).

2014- 2015 Course Outline RSM3046