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The Rotman School: A Catalyst for Change

"On my first day on campus, I read the line, 'Here's where it changes,' and wondered what it meant," says Shahtaj Hassan, a recent graduate. Discover the truth behind the tagline in these intimate interviews with our students and alumni - high achieving professionals who found their personal and professional lives transformed by their time at the Rotman School.

Where will your Rotman journey take you?

My Rotman Journey

The Rotman School is a place of transformation, a catalyst for turning raw potential into energy and leadership that drives positive change. Below some of our alumni share the highs and lows of their Rotman journey.

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Application Process

Thank you for considering the Rotman School of Management. Here you'll find a complete listing of our degree programs and the steps you will need to take to apply.

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Program Options

Whether your aim is to start your own business, accelerate your career or choose a new direction, you've come to the right place. From an undergraduate commerce program to an array of MBA offerings and specialized Masters programs and a world-class PhD program, as well as professional development opportunities, Rotman offers options for continuous learning throughout your career.

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Which program is right for you?

Rotman offers a wide range of learning opportunities to develop your knowledge, skills and confidence while accelerating your growth as a critical thinker and effective decision maker. We balance academic rigour with an equally important focus on personal development, providing tools and insights that will help you fulfill your potential as a leader, entrepreneur or advocate for change. Wherever your career path is leading, we’ve got a program that will get you there faster: