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Our new state-of-the-art labs offer the best consumer research test environment in Canada

On May 1, 2012 Rotman opened its new south building on St. George Street. In the heart of this building are state-of-the-art behavioural research labs that enable our researchers to investigate individual and group behavior under a wide range of carefully controlled conditions.

The Behavioral Research Laboratory at the Rotman School of Management is a fully-equipped, dedicated research facility that allows our Faculty and Ph.D.  students to investigate individual and group behavior.  Researchers conduct ground-breaking investigations of a diverse set of issues that include:  perception, memory, attitudes and persuasion, emotions, judgements, decision making, ethics, negotiation, trust and cooperation, goal-setting, leadership, groups and teamwork, performance evaluation, and power.

The Behavioural Research Laboratory consists of a suite of dedicated spaces designed to facilitate a wide range of research conditions.  There are several individual-person labs, two eight-person labs, and a sixteen-person lab, which are all equipped with carrels and networked workstations to support computer-based studies.  There are also two three-person labs and one six-person lab, which are equipped with tables and large digital displays to support negotiation or other group investigations.  A four-person control room provides a workspace, computers, printer, and storage for researchers.  All research labs are equipped with audio and video recording capabilities and two-way voice communication with the control room.  The lab also has a kitchenette to facilitate studies involving food and beverages.  The BIOPAC psychophysiological system is available to facilitate measurement of heart rate variability, temperature fluctuations, respiratory changes, skin conductance responses, and sub-threshold facial expressions of emotion.

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