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Business Design Lab

The Business Design Lab at the Rotman School is an education centre that tackles real-world business challenges to advance innovation practice and learning.

Disruption is the reality of doing business. Whether confronting a shift in consumer preferences, new technologies, environmental changes or hyper competition, businesses must adapt to survive. They must continuously redesign themselves to win.

The Business Design Lab (formerly DesignWorks), conducts applied research projects in partnership with industry to help current and future business leaders translate Business Design learning into real-world practice.

The lab draws from various design disciplines from the Rotman curriculum. These include: design thinking, systemic design, service design, organizational design and strategy. By delivering transformational applied learning experiences, the aim is to catalyze a new generation of innovation-minded business leaders who can thrive in increasingly complex and ambiguous conditions.

Rotman students who participate in the Lab’s projects learn how to innovate within an existing business, akin to corporate innovation and intrapreneurship. They develop the skills to navigate organizational complexity, co-create with stakeholders and implement innovative strategies, customer experiences and business models.

Sponsoring organizations become a partner and platform for co-learning. They discover new opportunities for growth and become an exemplar for a cutting-edge innovation methodology for their industry. They also gain access to the fresh thinking and new Rotman talent.

“In today's world, the most innovative learning is not achieved solely through textbooks or case studies – MBAs must learn to engage in real-time with real people to solve real problems. Business Design at Rotman is unique in inventing this future.” 

Graham Huber (MBA '13)

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