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Leadership Development Lab

Welcome to the Joe Weider Foundation Leadership Development Lab (LDL)

The Leadership Development Lab helps students develop personally and professionally across a number of dimensions critical to leadership. Develop your understanding of what motivates you and those around you, and learn how to inspire yourself and your colleagues to action.

Designed around the latest thinking in leadership development and based on the personalized, feedback-intensive development practices of Rotman’s Self Development Lab, the program takes powerful concepts such as accountability, responsibility, initiative, self-discipline and self-determination and creates experiences wherein participants have an opportunity to both understand and self-assess the extent to which they embody the dimensions of leadership. Rich, textured, personalized, individualized, timely and precise feedback from both program faculty and peers provides a means for participants to further develop their leadership capabilities.

The program involves 4 specialized modules and an integration and application stream, as follows:


(8-10 hours each, 2 each term)

Self-Management Practicum:  Improving one’s ability to manage one’s way across three different domains: attentional, emotional and self-regulatory through targeted practice.  
Faculty: Maja Djikic

Self-Command and Control: Creating the cognitive, emotional, and physical disciplines to align one’s actions with one’s intentions.
Faculty: Mihnea Moldoveanu

Radical Agency and Responsibility:  Developing the capacity for leadership by expanding one’s ability to hold oneself and others accountable for their words and actions.
Faculty: Mihnea Moldoveanu and James Destephanis

Developing Leadership Character: Exploring the existential domain to develop processes and abilities necessary for development of leadership character.
Faculty: Maja Djikic
The Modules are interspersed by an Integration and Application stream that runs throughout the entire program:

Integration and Application Stream: Combining the insights of the modules to establish and progress an intentional Leadership Development Plan informed by frequent and rich feedback processes.
Faculty: Scott Rutherford


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