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Tiff Macklem in the news

A dean's perspective

With his deep knowledge of international finance, Macklem is often called upon to provide expert commentary on topics such as the G20, Canada's economic prosperity, financial stability and globalization. Links to recent stories can be found here.

How companies can prepare for the disruptive power of AI

Oped by Tiff Macklem, Federico M. Berruti and Joshua Gans in the Globe and Mail, October 21, 2019

Climate change should be part of regular savings and investment decisions

Dean Tiff Macklem shares recommendations from the final report of the Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance, which he chaired.

Kevin Carmichael: Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance did the hard work, now it's up to politicians to find consensus

Tiff Macklem quoted in a column in the National Post on June 15, 2019

Canada must accelerate innovation, transparency and market access to win capital back

Op-ed by Tiff Macklem, Andy Chisolm and Barbara Zvan from The Globe & Mail on June 14, 2019

Road to sustainable finance goals a long game, not a sprint: Tiff Macklem

Tiff Macklem was interviewed by BNN Bloomberg’s Amanda Lang on June 14, 2019 on the recommendations announced by the federal governments expert panel on sustainable finance. Dean Macklem lead the panel.

After Record-Long Expansion, Here’s What Could Knock the Economy Off Course

Tiff Macklem quoted in Wall Street Journal on June 3, 2019

The quantum threat to cybersecurity: Danger meets opportunity

Tiff Macklem, Michele Mosca, and Brian O’Higgins
Contributed to The Globe and Mail, published May 6, 2019

Sustainable Finance

Tiff Macklem interviewed on 89.3 Money FM Singapore
published April 30, 2019

Débat: les sables bitumineux, un investissement vert?

Diane Bérard, from Les Affaires on a presentation given by Tiff Macklem
published April 25, 2019

What will it take to restore Canada’s potential growth?

Oped by Tiff Macklem and Kevin Lynch for the Globe and Mail
Published January 31, 2019

The urgent need for Canada to diversify its trade

Article by Tiff Macklem for The Conversation
Published on November 13, 2018

Are Ontario’s youth ready for the future labour market?

Oped by Tiff Macklem for iPolitics
Published on September 17, 2018

Canada dodged the worst of the Financial Crisis, and it wasn't just dumb luck

Interview with Tiff Macklem, by Kevin Carmichael in the Financial Post
September 14, 2018

Canada needs foreign tech investment to thrive

Interview with Tiff Macklem on Bloomberg BNN
June 7, 2018

Lessons from the Financial Crisis

Interview with Tiff Macklem with Business News Network
March 22, 2018

How to realize Ontario’s promise

Tiff Macklem & Kilian Berz
Policy Options!, November 28, 2017

Constantly keeping up with the times

Interview with Tiff Macklem in The Standard (Hong Kong)
November 24, 2017

Is your company ready for the artificial intelligence revolution?

Vincent Bérubé, John Kelleher, and Tiff Macklam
The Globe and Mail, October 24, 2017

The right kind of infrastructure borrowing — and the wrong kind

Tiff Macklem, David Dodge and Kevin Lych
iPolitics, March 21, 2017

Entrepreneurial business judgment is Canada’s scarcest resource

Tiff Macklem and Robert Helsley
The Globe and Mail, February 06, 2017

All Risks and Rewards for the Financial Sector

Tiff Macklem on Bloomberg Technology
November 18, 2016

MBA Watch: The Rotman School of Management- University of Toronto

Article on the Rotman School and Interview with Tiff Macklem in the Education Post by Ben Young
November 15, 2016

Safe Zone Solution

Tiff Macklem interviewed in The Globe and Mail Report on Business magazine
Friday September 30, 2016

Rotman School dean Tiff Macklem on the future of the Canadian MBA

Tiff Macklem interviewed in Canadian Business by Murad Hemmadi
Wednesday September 28, 2016

Scaling Up

Article on Tiff Macklem in U of T Magazine
Autumn, 2016 by reporter John Lorinc

Scotiabank taps tech-savvy business students amid digital push

Tiff Macklem interviewed on BNN by Paige Ellis 
Thursday September 15, 2016

Hangzhou could be a global game-changer, and a big chance for Canada 

Tiff Macklem and Wendy Dobson
The Globe and Mail, Friday Sep. 02, 2016

Millennials can’t pay for boomer health care without productivity gains

Tiff Macklem, David Dodge and Brian Golden
The Globe and Mail, Thursday August 25, 2016

Six things I've learned about managing talent

Tiff Macklem, The Globe and Mail, Tuesday June 21, 2016

For Canada’s growth, a second phase of infrastructure investment is key

Tiff Macklem, David Dodge and Kevin Lynch
The Globe and Mail, Friday May 13, 2016

Could Toronto become a leading global fintech hub?

Tiff Macklem, Eric Lamarre and Miklos Dietz
The Globe and Mail, Friday April 29, 2016

Rotman School Looking to Invest 75% of New C$60M Funding

An interview with Tiff Macklem on the Joseph L. Rotman legacy gift by QS Top MBA on Friday April 8th. 2016

Rotmans donate $30 million to University of Toronto business school, creating namesake fund

The Financial Post interviewed Dean Tiff Macklem Financial about the Joseph L. Rotman legacy gift on Wednesday, Apr. 6, 2016

Rotmans donate $30-million to namesake U of T business school

Janet McFarland discusses the Joseph L. Rotman legacy gift with Dean Tiff Macklem
The Globe and Mail, April 6, 2016

Rotman Gets $30 Million Gift For Big Ideas

John A. Byrne interviewed Dean Tiff Macklem on the Joseph L. Rotman legacy gift
Poets & Quants, April 6, 2016

More companies should embrace ‘Brand Canada’

Kevin Lynch, Tiff Macklem and David Soberman
Contributed to The Globe and Mail on March 12, 2016

Four pillars of a credible long term growth plan for Canada

Tiff Macklem and Kevin Lynch
Contributed to the The Globe & Mail on January 27, 2016

TPP is an evolution, not a revolution, in Canada’s journey

Kevin Lynch, Tiff Macklem and Daniel Trefler
Contributed to The Globe and Mail, Friday, January 8, 2016

Canada must seize opportunity to be a leader in artificial intelligence

Tiff Macklem, Ajay Agrawal and Scott Bonham
Contributed to The Globe and Mail,

Accessible banking services are key to reducing poverty

In economies, too, there is strength in diversity

Guest editor, Ken Dryden, interviewed Tiff Macklem in a special Canada Day edition of the Toronto Star on  July 1, 2014.

From the Bank of Canada to Rotman

An interview with Tiff Macklem by Gordon Pitts appeared in the June 2014 issue of Report on Business Magazine.

Bank of Canada’s Macklem says role of retail competition in disinflation not a concern

Reporters Louise Egan and Randall Palmer covered Macklem's last public speech in February, 2014 for the Financial Post  before he left the Bank to assume his role as the Dean of Rotman.


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