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Terry L. Amburgey

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Terry L. Amburgey

Professor Emeritus of Strategic Management


PhD, Stanford University
MA, Bowling Green State University
BS, Miami University


Terry Amburgey is a Professor Emeritus of Strategic Management at the Rotman School of Management. His research is focused on the dynamics of inter-organizational networks and organizational evolution with a particular focus on biotechnology. Terry is co-convenor of the Standing Working Group on Organizational Network Research in The European Group for Organizational Studies. His research has been published in a variety of outlets including Administrative Science Quarterly, Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, and Strategic Organization and Advances in Strategic Management.

Academic Positions

  • 1999-Present

    Professor, Strategic Management, Rotman School of Management

  • 1998-1999

    Professor of Management, University of Kentucky

  • 1996

    Visiting Professor of Strategic Management, EDHEC, Lille, France

  • 1994-1995

    Associate Professor of Management, University of Kentucky

  • 1992-1994

    Assistant Professor of Management, University of Kentucky

  • 1991-1992

    Assistant Professor of Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • 1991

    Visiting Assistant Professor of Organization and Management, Dartmouth College

  • 1988-1990

    Assistant Professor of Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • 1986-1987

    Assistant Professor of Business Policy and Strategy, University of Texas-Dallas

  • 1983-1986

    Assistant Professor of Organization Behaviour, Northwestern University

  • 1982-1983

    Instructor of Organization Behaviour, Northwestern University

  • 1981

    Instructor of Management, California State University-Hayward

Non-Academic Positions

  • 1981-1982

    Research Consultant, Office of the California State Public Defender

  • 1979

    Research Intern, IBM Corporation

Selected Publications - Papers

  • Organizational Ecology: Past, Present, and Future Directions

    Amburgey, Terry L., and Hayagreeva Rao

    Academy of Management Journal



    Pages: pp. 1265-1286

  • The Use of Event History Analysis to Examine Insurer Insolvencies

    Kim, Yong-Duk, Dan R. Anderson, Terry L. Amburgey, and James C. Hickman

    Journal of Risk and Insurance



    Pages: pp. 94-110

  • As the Left Foot Follows the Right? The Dynamics of Strategic and Structural Change

    Amburgey, Terry L. and Tina Dacin

    Academy of Management Journal



    Pages: pp. 1427-1452

  • Resetting the Clock: The Dynamics of Organizational Change and Failure

    Amburgey, Terry L., Dawn Kelly and William P. Barnett

    Administrative Science Quarterly



    Pages: pp. 51-73

  • Strategic Momentum: The Effects of Strategy, Structure and History on Merger Activity

    Amburgey, Terry L. and Anne S. Miner

    Strategic Management Journal



    Pages: pp. 335-348

  • Organizational Inertia and Momentum: A Dynamic Model of Strategic Change

    Kelly, Dawn and Terry L. Amburgey

    Academy of Management Journal



    Pages: pp. 591-612

  • Interorganizational Linkages and Population Dynamics: Buffering and Transformational Shields

    Miner, Anne S., Terry L. Amburgey and Timothy Stearns

    Administrative Science Quarterly



    Pages: pp. 689-713

  • The Dynamics of Change in the American Hospital Industry: Transformation or Selection?

    Alexander, Jeffrey A. and Terry L. Amburgey

    Health Care Review



    Pages: pp. 279-321

  • Multivariate Point Process Models in Social Research

    Amburgey, Terry L.

    Social Science Research



    Pages: pp. 190-207

  • Time Series Models for Event Counts

    Amburgey, Terry L. and Glenn R. Carroll

    Social Science Research



    Pages: pp. 38-54

  • Marx and Modern Systems Theory

    McQuarie, Donald and Terry L. Amburgey

    Social Science Quarterly



    Pages: pp. 3-19

  • System Change in Karl Marx's Model of Socio-Economic Formation

    Amburgey, Terry L. and Donald McQuarie

    General Systems



    Pages: pp. 99-103

Selected Publications - Books and Chapters

  • Organizational Ecology

    Amburgey, Terry L., and Joel A. C. Baum

    In Companion to Organizations, edited by Joel A. C. Baum. Blackwell Publishers. Forthcoming

  • Organizational Evolution

    Amburgey, Terry L., and Jitendra Singh

    In Companion to Organizations, edited by Joel A. C. Baum. Blackwell Publishers. Forthcoming

  • Event Count Analysis and Strategic Management

    Arregle, Jean-Luc, Terry L. Amburgey, and Tina Dacin

    In Research Methods in Strategic Management, edited by Michel Ghertman, Jacques Obadia, and Jean-Luc Arregle (Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers)


    Pages: pp. 331-344

  • Learning Races, Patent Races, and Capital Races: Strategic Interaction and Embeddedness Within Organizational Fields

    Amburgey, Terry L., Tina Dacin and Jitendra V. Singh

    In Advances in Strategic Management, edited by Jane Dutton and Joel A. C. Baum (Greenwich: JAI Press)


    Pages: pp. 303-322

  • Disruptive Selection and Population Segmentation: Inter-population Competition as a Segregating Process

    Amburgey, Terry L., Tina Dacin and Dawn Kelly

    In Evolutionary Dynamics of Organizations, edited by Joel A. C. Baum and Jitendra Singh (New York: Oxford University Press)


    Pages: pp. 240-254

  • The Evolutionary Development of Credit Unions

    Amburgey, Terry L., and Tina Dacin

    Madison, WI: Filene Research Institute


  • Do Larger Organizations Generate Stronger Competition?

    Barnett, William P. and Terry L. Amburgey

    In Organizational Evolution: New Directions, edited by Jitendra V. Singh (Newbury Park: Sage Publications)


    Pages: pp. 78-102

  • Suppression and Failure in the Political Press: Government Control, Party Affiliation and Organizational Life Chances

    Amburgey, Terry L., Marjo-Riita Lehtisalo and Dawn Kelly

    In Ecological Models of Organizations, edited by Glenn R. Carroll (Cambridge: Ballinger Publishing Company)


    Pages: pp. 153-173

Honors and Awards

  • 2001

    The Evolution of Biotechnology Networks, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council, Amount: $72,103

  • 1997

    Gene Therapy Industrial Events Database, The Institute for Human Gene Therapy, Amount: $15,000

  • 1991

    The Evolutionary Development of Credit Unions, Source: The Filene Research Institute, Inc., Amount: $30,401

  • 1990

    The Dynamics of Japanese Labor Federations: Foundings, Failures and Affiliations, Source: University of Wisconsin, Amount: $20,890