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Wendy K. Dobson

Wendy K. Dobson

Wendy K. Dobson

Professor Emerita of Economic Analysis and Policy


PhD, Princeton University
SM, Harvard University, School of Public Health
MPA, Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government
BScN, University of British Columbia


Wendy Dobson is a Professor Emerita at Rotman and former Canadian Associate Deputy Minister of Finance. She has offered courses in international business and Canadian public policy. Dobson is a former President of the C.D. Howe Institute Canada’s leading in dependent economic think tank, and has served as a non-executive director of a number of Canadian companies in finance and energy. She has also chaired the Pacific Trade and Development (PAFTAD) pan-Pacific research network.  She is a director of the Canadian Ditchley Foundation and the Leacock Foundation.   She has published more than two dozen books and articles on Asia and the International economy. Gravity Shift: How Asia’s New Economic Powerhouses Will Shape the 21st Century (2009) was a prize winner in Canada and received a Chinese award for the Mandarin edition. More recent books include Partners and Rivals: the Uneasy Future of China’s Relationship with the United States (2013). In 2020 her latest book Living with China: A Middle Power Finds its Way (September 2019) was a Finalist for the 2019 Donner Prize for the best book in Canadian public policy and Finalist 2020 for The National Business Book Award.

Other Info

Wendy Dobson joined the Rotman School in 1990. She is a former Associate Deputy Minister of Finance in the Canadian government and a former President of the C.D. Howe Institute, Canada's leading independent economic think tank and a non-executive director of Canadian companies in finance and energy. She is also a director of the Canadian Ditchley Foundation, Senior Fellow at the Asia Pacific Foundation and member of the Advisory Committee of the Peterson Institute of International Economics. She participates actively in a number of international networks, including the Pacific Trade and Development Network (PAFTAD). Her course offerings include International Business in the World Economy and a Capstone Course for the School of Public Policy and Governance.

Academic Positions

  • 1993-Present

    Co-Director, Institute for International Business, Rotman School of Management

  • 1993-Present

    Professor, Rotman School of Management

  • 1990-1993

    Professor and Senior Fellow, Faculty of Management

  • 1989-1991, 1998, 2000

    Visiting Fellow, Institute for International Economics, Washington, D.C.

Non-Academic Positions

  • 1987-1989

    Associate Deputy Minister, Department of Finance, Government of Canada

  • 1981-1987

    President and Executive Director, C.D. Howe Institute

Selected Publications - Papers

  • "Climbing the Value Chain?

    with Tom Westland

    East Asia Forum

    Issue:March 28


  • Financial Liberalisation and Trade: An examination of moving up value chains in Asia Pacific region

    Wendy Dobson and Tom Westland, forthcoming

    Issue:Asian Economic Integration in an Era of Global Uncertainty, managing editors: Shiro Armstrong and Tom Westland.


  • The Future of Canada's Relationship with China

    with Paul Evans

    IRPP, Policy Horizons Essay



  • Why Delay the Inevitable: Why the AIIB matters to Canada's future

    Co-author Eugene Beaulieu

    SPP Communique



    Pages: 7(2)

  • China's State-owned Enterprises and Canada's FDI Policy

    Wendy K. Dobson



  • Op Ed: Redback Rising: Canada and RMB Internationalisation

    Gregoire-Francois Legault and Wendy K. Dobson


    Issue:April 8


    Pages: On-line

  • History Matters: China and Global Governance

    In Huang, Yiping and M. Yu, Eds., China's New Role in the World Economy, London:Routledge


  • Canada, China and Rising Asia: A Strategic Proposal

    CCCE and CCBC


  • Does Canada Have an India Strategy? Why it Should and What Both Sides Can Gain from Comprehensive Trade Talks

    C.D. Howe Institute


  • Differentiating Canada: The Future of the Canada-US Relationship

    School of Public Policy, University of Calgary


  • A Window of Opportunity Opens? Asian and US Views of the International Financial Architecture

    Asian Economic Policy Reveiw 4



  • Will the Renminbi become a World Currency?

    with Paul R. Masson

    Final draft. Edited version appears in China Economic Review 20



    Pages: 124-35

  • China's Integration into the Global Financial System

    with Paul Masson and Robert Lafrance

    Bank of Canada Review



  • The transition from imitation to innovation: An inquiry into China's evolving institutions and firm capabilities

    with A. Edward Safarian

    Final draft. Edited version published in Journal of Asian Economics 19



    Pages: 301-11

  • Financial Reform in China and India: A comparative anaylsis

    IFPRI/CES/SUFE International Conference on Dragon and Elephant: China and India's Economic Reforms, Shanghai, July 1-2

    Issue:to be revised


  • Scepticism needed in China's banking frenzy

    with Anil Kashyap

    Financial Times

    Issue:October 18


    Pages: (Op-Ed)

  • The contradiction in China's gradualist banking reforms

    with Anil Kashyap

    Brookings Papers on Economic Activity. Washington, D.C: Brookings Institution Press.

    Issue:BPEA, September


  • The Indian Elephant Shed its Past. The Implications for Canada

    C.D. Howe Institute

    Issue:Commentary. No. 235. June


  • The transforming Chinese economy: global and Canadian implications

    International Journal. Toronto: Canadian Institute of International Affairs

    Issue:vol. 61, no. 2. Spring


  • Beyond FTAs: Deepening North American Integration.

    Paper prepared for a conference on Free Trade in the Americas, Baylor University, October 6-7


  • The transforming Chinese economy: global and Canadian implications

    International Journal



  • Taking a Giant's Measure: Canada, NAFTA and an Emergent China

    C.D. Howe Institute

    Issue:Commentary No. 202


  • Shaping the Future of the North American Economic Space: A Framework for Action

    C.D. Howe Institute Commentary

    Issue:No. 162


  • Deeper Integration in East Asia: Implications for the International Economic System

    In Charles Morrison, Coordinator. East Asia in the International System. New York: The Trilateral Commission


  • Deeper Integration in East Asia: Regional Institutions and the International Economic System

    The World Economy. Oxford and Boston: Blackwell


  • The Future of the Japan-Canada Economic Relationship

    IIB Working Paper Series, No. 7


  • Fallout From the Global Financial Crisis: Should Capitalism Be Curbed?

    International Journal



    Pages: pp.375-385

  • Globalizing Trends and Canada's Economic Future

    Ivey Business Journal. November/December


  • Prisoners of the Past in a Fast-Forward World: Canada's Policy Framework for the Financial Servies Sector

    C.D. Howe Institute Commentary. No. 132.


  • What to do with the IMF?

    Policy Options



    Pages: pp.37-42

  • Summitry and International Monetary System: The Past as Prologue

    Canadian Foreign Policy



    Pages: pp. 5-15

Selected Publications - Books and Chapters

  • Asia in Global Economic Governance

    with Peter Petri

    Chapter In N. Singh Ed., Handbook on Economics of the Pacific Rim


  • Financial Development and Cooperation in Asia and the Pacific

    Co-edited with Edward K.Y. Chen

    London: Routledge


  • Financial Development in Asia: Work in Progress

    Wendy K. Dobson and Edward K Y Chen

    Intro. Chapter In Human Capital Formation and Economic Growth in Asia and the Pacific; London: Routledge


  • Human Capital Formation and Growth: Microeconomic Dimensions

    with Umar Boodoo

    In Wendy K. Dobson, Ed., Human Capital Formation and Economic Growth in Asia and the Pacific; London: Routledge


  • Partners and Rivals: The Uneasy Future of China's Relationship with the United States

    Wendy K. Dobson

    University of Toronto Press


  • Gravity Shift: How Asia's New Economic Powerhouses Will Shape the 21st Century

    Wendy K. Dobson

    Rotman-University of Toronto Press


  • Asia Pacific regional architecture and financial market integration

    Christopher Findlay and Hadi Soesastro (eds.)

    Chapter contributed to Reshaping the Asia Pacific Economic Order. New York: Routledge with PAFTAD International Secretariat.


  • Financial Services and International Trade Agreements: the Development Dimension

    Aaditya Mattoo, Gianni Zanini, and Robert M. Stern (eds.)

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  • Governance, Multinationals and Growth

    Co-edited with Lorraine Eden

    London: Elgar



  • East Asia in Transition: Economic and Security Challenges, edited with A.E. Safarian. Toronto: University of Toronto Press


  • Financial services liberalization: The role of the millennium round

    Chapter contributed to Freer trade in the next decade: Issues in the Millennium Round, (Subsequently published by Routledge, London)



  • World Capital Markets: Challenge to the G-10, co-authored with Gary Hufbauer

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  • Business Networks in East Asia: Diversity and Evolution

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  • Financial Services Liberalization in the WTO

    with P. Jacquet

    Washington DC: Institute for International Economics


  • Fiscal Frameworks and Financial Systems in East Asia: How Much Do They Matter? Edited with A.E. Safarian. Toronto: University of Toronto Press


  • Liberalizing and Stabilizing the Canadian Economy

    in B. Curtis Eaton and Richard G. Harris, Trade Technology and Economics, Brookfield US: Edward Elgar


    Pages: pp. 186-197

  • Multinationals and East Asian Integration, edited with Chia Siow Yue. Ottawa and Singapore: IDRC Books, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies. Awarded 1997 Ohira Prize


  • Pacific Triangles: US Economic Relationships with Japan and China

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  • Stabilization and Liberalization in Canadian Economic Policy

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  • The People Link: Human Resource Linkages Across the Pacific, edited with A.E. Safarian. Toronto: University of Toronto Press


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  • East Asian Capitalism: Diversity and Dynamism, edited with A.E. Safarian. Toronto: University of Toronto Press


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  • Benchmarking the Canadian Business Presence in East Asia, edited with A.E. Safarian. Toronto: University of Toronto Press


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  • Economic Policy Coordination Institutionalized? The G-7 and the Future of the Bretton Woods Institutions

    Bretton Woods: Looking to the Future. Washington D.C. Bretton Woods Commission


  • Open Regionalism: East Asia Sets the Pace

    M.A. Molot and H. von Riekhoff, (Eds.) A Part of the Peace. Ottawa: Carleton University Press


  • Japan in East Asia: Trade and Investment Strategies. Singapore: The Institute for Southeast Asian Studies


  • International Economic Policy Coordination: Requiem or Prologue? Washington DC: Institute for International Economics


  • Shaping Comparative Advantage, edited with R. Lipsey. Toronto: C.D. Howe Institute


Research and Teaching Interests

Prof. Dobson teaches RSM2123: International Business in The World Economy and PPG 2003H a Capstone Course for the School of Public Policy and Governance. Her current research focuses on emerging market economies, economic integration in North America, the international financial system, regional and global governance, and Canadian public policy issues.

Honors and Awards

  • 1998

    Ohira Prize, awarded by Ohira Foundation, Tokyo, for best English-language book on the Asia Pacific economies,

  • 1994, 2002

    Student Choice Award for Teaching Excellence, Rotman School

  • 1993

    UBC Alumni of Distinction Award,

Professional Affiliations/Memberships

  • Canadian Economic Association

  • American Economic Association

Academic / Professional Service

  • 2016 -

    Co-chair, Dean's China Advisory Committee, Rotman School of Management

  • 2010 -

    Chair, International Steering Committee, Pacific Trade and Development Network; Panel of Independent Experts (on APEC); Advisory Committee, Institute for International Economics, Washington, D.C.

  • 2004-

    Senior Fellow, Asia Pacific Foundation; Research Fellow, C.D. Howe Institute

  • 2009 -

    Trustee, Trilateral Commission

  • 1999-2003

    Director, University of Toronto Press