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Joanne E. Oxley

Joanne E. Oxley

Joanne E. Oxley

Vice-Dean, Faculty
McCutcheon Professor of International Business
Professor of Strategic Management


PhD, University of California, Berkeley
MA, University of California, Berkeley
MBA, University of California, Berkeley
BA/BSc , Trent Polytechnic, U.K




Joanne Oxley is the McCutcheon Professor of International Business</span>&nbsp;and Professor of Strategic Management, and Vice-Dean, Faculty at Rotman. Her research focuses on outsourcing and collaborative strategies, and explores how international differences in economic and institutional environments impact firm strategy, organization, and performance. 

Academic Positions

  • 2015-

    McCutcheon Professor in International Business, Rotman School, University of Toronto

  • 2012-

    Professor, Strategic Management, Rotman School, University of Toronto

  • Spring 2008

    Visiting Scholar, Insead

  • 2004-2012

    Associate Professor, Strategic Management, Rotman School, University of Toronto

  • 1995-2004

    Assistant Professor, Corporate Strategy and International Business, University of Michigan

Selected Publications - Papers

  • Relational Contracts and Managerial Delegation: Evidence from Foreign Entrepreneurs in Russia

    with E. Kulchina

    Organization Science, Forthcoming

  • Special Issue Introduction: International Strategy in an Era of Global Flux

    with R. Aguilera, W. Henisz and J. M. Shaver

    Strategy Science

    Issue:4 (2)


    Pages: 61-69

  • Equity-Based Incentives and Collaboration in the Modern Multibusiness Firm

    with G. Pandher

    Strategic Management Journal

    Issue:37 (7)


    Pages: 1379-1394

  • Learning by Supplying

    with J. Alcacer

    Strategic Management Journal



    Pages: 204-223

  • Overcoming the Dual Liabilities of Foreignness and Privateness in International Corporate Citizenship Partnerships

    with Z Bhanji

    Journal of International Business Studies



    Pages: 290-311

  • Vertical Relationships, Hostages, and Supplier Performance in the Japanese Automotive Industry

    with C.Ahmadjian

    Journal of Law, Economics and Organization

    Issue:29 (3)


    Pages: 485-512

  • Let's Work It Out (Or We'll See You in Court)

    with F. Lumineau

    Organization Science



    Pages: 820-834

  • The Strategy Research Initiative: Recognizing and Encouraging High-Quality Research in Strategy

    with J. Rivkin and M. Ryall

    Strategic Organization

    Issue:8 (4)


    Pages: 377-386

  • Alliance Structure and the Scope of Knowledge Transfer: Evidence from US-Japan Agreements

    with T. Wada

    Management Science

    Issue:55 (4)


    Pages: 635-649

  • Arms Race or Détente? How Inter-Firm Alliance Announcements Change the Stock Market Valuation of Rivals

    with R.C. Sampson & B.S. Silverman

    Management Science

    Issue:55 (8)


    Pages: 1321-1337

  • Using Hostages to Support Exchange: Dependence Balancing and Equity Ties in Japanese Automotive Supply Relationships

    with C. Ahmadjian, C.

    Journal of Law, Economics and Organization



    Pages: 213-233

  • International Franchising Practices in Mexico: Do Franchisors Customize Their Contracts?

    with F. Lafontaine

    Journal of Economics and Management Strategy



    Pages: 95-120

  • The Scope and Governance of International R&D Alliances

    with R.C. Sampson

    Strategic Management Journal

    Issue:25 (8-9)


    Pages: 723-750

  • E-Commerce Readiness: Institutions and International Competitiveness

    with B. Yeung

    Journal of International Business Studies

    Issue:32 (4)


    Pages: 705-723

  • Globalization Derailed? Multinational Investors' Response to the 1997 Denial of Fast-Track Trade Negotiating Authority

    with K.E. Schnietz

    Journal of International Business Studies

    Issue:32 (3)


    Pages: 479-496

  • Institutional Environment and the Mechanisms of Governance: The Impact of Intellectual Property Protection on the Structure of Inter-firm Alliances

    Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

    Issue:38 (3)


    Pages: 283-309

  • Technological Overlap and Interfirm Cooperation: Implications for the Resource-Based View of the Firm

    with D.C. Mowery & B. S. Silverman

    Research Policy

    Issue:27 (5)


    Pages: 507-523

  • Appropriability Hazards and Governance in Strategic Alliances: A Transaction Cost Approach

    Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization

    Issue:13 (2)


    Pages: 387-409

  • Strategic Alliances and Interfirm Knowledge Transfer

    with D.C. Mowery & B. S. Silverman

    Strategic Management Journal

    Issue:17 (S2)


    Pages: 77-91

Selected Publications - Books and Chapters

  • Collaboration and Competition in Business Ecosystems

    Co-edited with R. Adner and B. Silverman

    Advances in Strategic Management



Academic / Professional Service

  • 2016-2020

    Associate Dean, Faculty, Rotman School of Management

  • 2015-2016

    Director of Faculty Recruiting, Rotman School of Management

  • 2013-2014

    Acting PhD Director, Rotman School of Management

  • 2014-2016

    President & Executive Board Member, Strategy Research Initiative

  • 2017-

    Senior Editor, Strategy Science

  • 2014-2017

    Associate Editor, Strategic Management Journal

  • 2013-2016

    Consulting Editor, Journal of International Business Studies

  • 2009-2015

    Associate Editor, Management Science

  • 2009-2012; 2015-

    Board of Directors, International Society for the New Institutional Economics

  • 2009-2010

    Division Chair, Academy of Management, Business Policy and Strategy Division

  • 2007-2008

    Program Chair, Academy of Management, BPS Division

  • 2003-2018

    Editorial Board, Organization Science

  • 2001-

    Editorial Board, Strategic Organization

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