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Andreas Park

Andreas Park

Professor of Finance, Department of Management, University of Toronto Mississauga


PhD Cambridge 2004
MPhil Cambridge 1999
Dipl.WirtMath Bielefeld 1998


Andreas Park is a Professor of Finance at the University of Toronto, appointed to the Rotman School of Management and the Department of Management at UTM. He currently serves as the Research Director at the FinHub, Rotman’s Financial Innovation Lab, he is the co-founder of LedgerHub, the University of Toronto’s blockchain research lab. He has served as a lab economist for the Blockchain stream at the Creative Destruction Lab. Andreas teaches courses on payments innovation, decentralized finance, and financial market trading, and his current research focuses on the economic impact of technological transformations such as blockchain technology. He recently co-authored a design proposal for a central-bank issued digital currency, commissioned by the Bank of Canada. Andreas received his doctorate from the University of Cambridge. His work has been published in top journals in economics and finance including Econometrica, the Journal of Finance, the Journal of Financial Economics, and the Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.

Research and Teaching Interests

blockchain and crypto-economics, decentralized finance, market microstructure