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Andrew Stark

Andrew Stark

    Andrew Stark

    Professor of Strategic Management, Department of Management, University of Toronto-Scarborough
    Professor of Political Science

    Degrees: PhD, Harvard University
    AM, Harvard University
    MSc, London School of Economics
    BA (Hons.), University of British Columbia
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    Phone: 416-978-3654


    Andrew Stark is a Professor of Strategic Management in the Department of Management at the University of Toronto-Scarborough, with cross-appointments to the Strategic Management area at Rotman and Department of Political Science.  Andrew draws on normative theory – political, moral and legal theory – to analyze controversial public issues. He is the author of: Conflict of Interest in American Public Life (Harvard University Press, 2000), The Limits of Medicine (Cambridge University Press, 2006), Drawing the Line: Public and Private in America (Brookings Institution Press, 2010), and The Consolations of Mortality: Making Sense of Death (Yale University Press, 2016). His articles have appeared in American Political Science Review, Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, among others.

    Academic Positions

    1996-2001  Associate Professor; University of Toronto
    1992-1996  Assistant Professor; University of Toronto
    1990-1991  Guest Scholar; Brookings Institution

    Non-Academic Positions

    1985-1989  Policy Advisor;Office of the Prime Minister of Canada

    Selected Publications - Papers

    • Inverting Donaldson's Framework: An Approach to International Conflicts of Cultural and Economics Norms; Business Ethics Quarterly; Issue: October; 2015; Pages: 535-558
    • Global Justice, Historial Justice: Looking at the Two Debates in Tandem; Political Theory; Issue: October; 2012; Pages: 543-572
    • Charting a Democratic Future in China; Dissent; Issue: Summer; 2012; Pages: 18-24
    • The Distinction Between Public, Nonprofit and For-Profit: Revisiting the 'Core Legal' Approach; Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory; Issue: January; 2011; Pages: 3-26
    • Business in Politics: Lobbying and Corporate Campaign Contributions; in George Brenkert and Tom Beauchamp, eds., Oxford Handbook of Business Ethics, Oxford University Press; 2009
    • The Consensus School, Its Critics, and Welfare Policy: A Study of American Political Discourse; Journal of Politics; 2009
    • Benefit versus Numbers versus Helping the Worst-Off: An Alternative to the Prevalent Approach to the Just Distribution of Resources; Utilitas; 2008
    • Forever or Not; Wilson Quarterly; 2006
    • Canada's Upside-Down World of Public-Sector Ethics; International Public Management Journal; 2006
    • In Sickness and in Health: What to do About Private Health Insurance in America; Dissent; 2005
    • Why Are Some Conflicts of Interest In Medicine So Uniquely Vexing; in Conflict of Interest: Challenges and Solutions in Business, Law, Medicine and Public Policy, ed. Don Moore, Daylian M. Cain, Max Bazerman and George Loewenstein; Cambridge University Press; 2005
    • What's Natural? Touring the Boundaries of Medical Necessity; Wilson Quarterly; 2003
    • Getting the Health Care Debate Right; Public Interest; 2003
    • The Double Irony of Health Insurance Regulation in America; Society; 2003
    • Beyond Choice: Rethinking the Post-Rawlsian Debate Over Egalitarian Justice; Political Theory; Issue: February; 2002
    • What is the New Public Management?; Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory; 2002
    • What's Wrong with Private Funding for Public Schools?; Dissent; Issue: Winter; 2001
    • America, the Gated?; Wilson Quarterly; Issue: Winter; 1998
    • Limousine Liberals, Welfare Conservatives: On Belief, Interest and Inconsistency in Democratic Discourse; Political Theory; Issue: August; 1997
    • Beyond Quid Pro Quo: What's Wrong with Private Gain from Public Office?; American Political Science Review; Issue: March; 1997
    • What is a Balanced Committee? Democratic Theory, Public Law and the Question of Fair Representation on Quasi- Legislative Bodies; NOMOS (Yearbook of the American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy), (Eds) W. Kymlicka and I. Shapiro; 1997
    • The Appearance of Official Impropriety and the Concept of Political Crime; Ethics; Issue: January; 1995
    • What's the Matter with Business Ethics?; Harvard Business Review; Issue: May/June; 1993
    • Corporate Electoral Activity, Constitutional Discourse and the Conceptions of the Individual; American Political Science Review; Issue: September; 1992
    • Public-Sector Conflict-of-Interest in Canada and the U.S.A.: Differences in Understanding and Approach; Public Administration Review; Issue: September/October; 1992
    • 'Political Discourse' Analysis and the Debate over Canada's Lobbying Legislation; Canadian Journal of Political Science; Issue: September; 1992
    • English-Canadian Opposition to Quebec Nationalism; in R.K. Weaver (Ed.), The Collapse of Canada? (Brookings Institution); 1992

    Selected Publications - Books and Chapters

    • The Consolations of Mortality: Making Sense of Death; Yale University Press; 2016
    • Drawing the Line: Public and Private in America; Brookings Institution Press; 2010
    • The Limits of Medicine; Cambridge University Press; 2006
    • Conflict of Interest in the Professions; (edited with Michael Davis); New York: Oxford University Press; 2001
    • Conflict of Interest in American Public Life; Harvard University Press; 2000

    Honors and Awards

    2011-2012  Fulbright Senior Research Scholar Award
    1994-1995  Fellow; Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars, Washington, D.C.
    1991-1992  Fellow; Harvard University Program in Ethics and the Professions

    Research and Teaching Interests

    Teaches courses in Business-Government Relations and Management Ethics. Research interests include business, government and medical ethics, corporate governance, business-government relations, public administration and public policy in the U.S. and Canada.  

    Other Info

    Op- eds in The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post; essays and reviews in The New Republic, the Times Literary Supplement, Saturday Night, the Public Interest and other periodicals  

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