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Ryan Webb


    Ryan Webb

    Assistant Professor of Marketing

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    Ryan Webb is an Assistant Professor at the Rotman School of Management. His research integrates the disciplines of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics to provide insight into consumer behaviour. Recent applications includes developing tools to predict consumer choices from measurements of neural activity (fMRI and EEG), and examining consumer behaviour derived from the principles for how the brain encodes information. He has received a Ph.D. in Economics from Queens University and research fellowships from the Center for Neuroeconomics at New York University and the California Institute of Technology. 


    Academic Positions

    2011-2014  Research Fellow; Center for Neuroeconomics, New York University
    2017  Visiting Associate; California Institute of Technology
    2014-Current  Assistant Professor; University of Toronto

    Selected Publications - Papers

    • The (Neural) Dynamics of Stochastic Choice; Webb, Ryan; Management Science; 2017
    • Using EEG measurements to predict consumer choices; Telpaz, A., Webb, R., Levy, D.; Journal of Marketing Research; Issue: 52(4); 2015; Pages: 511-529
    • Adaptive neural coding: from biological to behavioral decision-making; Louie, K., Glimcher, P.W., Webb, R.; Current Opinion in Behavioral Science; Issue: 5; 2015; Pages: 91-99
    • Dynamic divisive normalization predicts time-varying value coding in decision-related circuits; Louie, K., LoFaro. T., Webb, R., Glimcher, P.W.; Journal of Neuroscience; Issue: 34(48); 2014; Pages: 16046-16057
    • The temporal dynamics of cortical normalization models of decision-making; LoFaro. T., Louie, K., Webb, R., Glimcher, P.W.; Letters in Biomathematics; Issue: 1; 2014; Pages: 209-220

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