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Anthony K. P. Wensley

Anthony Wensley

    Anthony K. P. Wensley

    Associate Professor of Accounting and Management Information Systems, Department of Management, University of Toronto Mississauga

    Degrees: PhD, University of Waterloo
    MBA, McMaster University
    MA, University of Cambridge
    MA, University of Surrey
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    Anthony Wensley is an Associate Professor of Accounting and Management Information Systems in the Department of Management at the University of Toronto Mississauga, with a cross-appointment to the Accounting area at Rotman.  He is also the Chair of Communications and Culture and Information Technology Program at the University of Toronto-Mississauga. He teaches courses in information systems, decision analysis, law and ecommerce and management accounting. Some of his research interests include game theory and information systems; intellectual property and knowledge structures; encoding of organizational knowledge; and the understanding, implementing, and managing of enterprise systems.

    Academic Positions

    1995-Present  Associate Professor; University of Toronto
    1990-1995  Assistant Professor; University of Toronto
    1988-1990  Lecturer in Information Systems; University of Toronto
    1981-1985  Lecturer in Information Systems and Finance; University of Waterloo
    1980-1981  Lecturer in Finance; McMaster University
    1976-1977  Lecturer in Marketing; McMaster University
    1976-1977  Lecturer in Mathematics; Langley College
    1974-1976  Lecturer in Mathematics; Hammersmith College

    Non-Academic Positions

    1988-1994  Associate Consultant;Stratsys Inc., Toronto
    May-Sept 1979  Accounting Systems Consultant;Cambridge Instruments, Cambridge
    1971-1972  Computer Systems Consultant;Systems International, Derby
    1968-1969  Special Project Manager;Cornmarket Press, London

    Selected Publications - Papers

    • Response to Kleiman and Sontag; M. Allarakhia and A. Wensley; Nature Biotechnology; Forthcoming; 2006
    • Ontology Based Knowledge Management for a Joint Venture Project; Ku, k.c., Wensley, A.K.P., Kao, H.P.; Expert Systems with Applications; Issue: 35; 2008; Pages: 187-197
    • Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights in Systems Biology; Allarakhia, M. and A. Wensley; Nature Biotechnology; Issue: December; 2005
    • Organizational Memory and the Completeness of Process Modeling in ERP Systems.; Wensley, A. and E. van Stijn; Journal of Business Process Management; Issue: Volume 7-3; 2001
    • Game Theory and Information Systems Outsourcing.; Wensley, A. and R. Elitzur; Journal of Information Technology; Issue: Volume 12-1; 1997; Pages: 45-60
    • Expert Systems - One Set of Views of the State-of-the-Art; Expert Systems with Applications; 1995
    • Strategic Redesign of a Communications Function: the Case of the Premier's Correspondence Unit; with S.J. Drew, and M. Proc; Journal of Business Change and Transformation; Issue: Vol.1, No.4; 1994
    • Evaluating Expert Systems with Complex Outputs: The Case of Audit Planning; with J.E. Boritz; Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory (Fall), also published in M. Vasarhelyi (Ed.) (New York: Markus Weiner, 1994) Auditing and Artificial Intelligence II; 1992
    • Expert Systems and Auditing Research: Evolving Issues; International Journal of Expert Systems with Applications; Issue: Vol.4, No.3; 1992
    • An Expert Systems Approach to Substantive Audit Planning; with J.E. Boritz; International Journal of Expert Systems with Applications; (supplement); 1991
    • Verifying and Validating an Audit Planning Expert System; Proceedings of the Workshop on Verification and Validation, AAAI Conference, Boston, July 29-August 3; 1990
    • Structuring the Assessment of Audit Evidence - An Expert Systems Approach; with J.E. Boritz; Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory (supplement); 1990
    • Research Issues in Expert Systems; in G. Dukidis, F. Land, and G. Miller (Eds.), Knowledge-based Management Support Systems, (London: Ellis Horwood); 1989
    • Congenital Learning in the Spanish Telecommunications Industry.; Cegerra-Navarro, J., Wensley, A.K.P.; Journal of Business Venturing (forthcoming)
    • A multi-sector comparison of relational learning and information communication technologies adoption.; Cegerra-Navarro, J. Wensley, A.K.P., Concesa, E; Services Industry Journal (forthcoming)
    • A Knowledge Based Theory of Pharmaceutical Alliances.; Allarakhia, M., Wensley, A.K.P.; Journal of the Intelligent Enterprise (forthcoming)
    • A Disruptive Biopharmaceutical Research Paradigm; Allarakhia, M., Wensley, A.K.P.; Technological Forecasting and Social Change (in press)

    Selected Publications - Books and Chapters

    • Enterprise Systems and the Preservation of Agility; van Stijn, E., Wensley, A.K.P.; Agile Information Systems (chapter); 2006
    • Further Thoughts about Information Structure, Knowledge Management and Outsourcing.; Wensley, A. and R. Elitzur; Information Systems Outsourcing (chapter); 2002; Pages: 187-194
    • Tools for Knowledge Management.; Wensley, A. and A. Verwijk-O'Sullivan; Knowledge Horizons (chapter); 2000; Pages: 113-130
    • Can Game Theory Help Us Understand Information Systems Outsourcing?; Wensley, A. and R. Elitzur; Strategic Sourcing of Information Systems (chapter); 1998; Pages: 113-136
    • CAPEX: An Audit Planning Expert System; with J.E. Boritz; (New York: Markus Weiner); 1995
    • Audit Planning and Expert Systems Research; in M. Vasarhelyi (Ed), Auditing and Artificial Intelligence II, (New York: Markus Weiner); 1994
    • Necessary Richness: Some Issues in the Automation of Business Knowledge; in J. Liebowitz (ed.) Moving Towards Expert Systems Globally in the 21st Century, (New York: Cognizant Communication Corporation, ); 1994
    • Outsourcing Information Systems; with R. Elitzur; Management Accounting Guideline No.23, The Society of Management Accountants of Canada; 1994

    Recent Presentations

    • The Construction and Reconstruction of Practice; Van Stijn, E. and A.Wensley; OLKC 2006 Warwick; March 20-22; 2006

    Academic / Professional Service

    2007 - present  Chair Communications Culture and Information Technology Program; University of Toronto Mississauga
    1996 - date  Executive Editor; Journal of Knowledge and Process Management
    2007 - date  Chair, Erindale College Council; University of Toronto
    2005 - 2007  Associate Director CCIT Program.; University of Toronto at Mississauga
    2002 - present  Director Digital Enterprise Management Program; University of Toronto at Mississauga
    1995  Acting Director; Centre for Information Systems, University of Toronto
    1994  Treasurer and secretary; Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems section
    1994  American Accounting Association
    1994  Charter Member of the Association for Information Systems
    1994-1996  Member of the Editorial Board and Book Reviews Editor; Journal of Business Change and Transformation
    1992-Present  Member of the Editorial Board; Journal of Information Systems
    1992-Present  Member of the Editorial Board; Journal of Global Information Systems

    Honors and Awards

    1992  Section Outstanding Dissertation Award; American Accounting Association Information Systems
    1985-1986  SSHRC Doctoral Completion Fellowship
    1984-1985  SSHRC Doctoral Completion Fellowship
    1984-1985  MBA Dean's Honour List
    1978-1979  Canadian Tire Graduate Leadership Award
    1977-1978  McMaster University Graduate Scholarship

    Research and Teaching Interests

    Teaches courses in information systems, decision analyis, law and ecommerce, and management accounting. Research interests include Game Theory and Information Systems; Intellectual property and knowledge structures; Encoding of Organizational Knowledge; the understanding, implementing, and managing of Enterprise Systems and, in particular, ERP systems, Organizational Transformation, and the Impact of Information Technology on Organizations and Society.  

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