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Joel H. Amernic

Joel Amernic

    Joel H. Amernic

    Professor of Accounting

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    Joel Amernic is a Professor of Accounting and past editor of Canadian Accounting Perspectives, and is a recipient of the Canadian Academic Accounting Association’s Outstanding Educator Award. His work has appeared in numerous academic and professional refereed journals, such as Accounting, Organizations and Society, Critical Perspectives on Accounting, Accounting Auditing and Accountability Journal, Abacus, and Human Relations, among many others. Joel is the author and co-author of seven books. His main research interests include the accountability language of corporate leadership, financial reporting, management control and management education.

    Selected Publications - Papers

    • Perverse Audit Culture and Accountability of the Modern Public University; R. Craig, J. Amernic, and D. Tourish,; Financial Accountability & Management; Issue: 30(1); 2014; Pages: 1-24
    • Leadership Discourse, Culture, and Corporate Ethics: CEO-speak at News Corporation; J. Amernic and R. Craig; Journal of Business Ethics; Issue: 118; 2013; Pages: 379-394
    • Reflecting a Company's Safety Culture in 'Fairly Presented' Financial Statements: The Case of BP; J. Amernic, R. Craig and D. Tourish; The CPA Journal; Issue: April; 2012; Pages: 6, 8-10
    • Detecting Linguistic Traces of Destructive Narcissism At-a-Distance in a CEO's Letter to Shareholders; R. Craig and J. Amernic; Journal of Business Ethics; Issue: 101; 2011; Pages: 563-575
    • Accounting as a Facilitator of Extreme Narcissism; J. Amernic and R. Craig; Journal of Business Ethics; Issue: 96; 2010; Pages: 79-93
    • Understanding Accounting Through Conceptual Metaphor; J. Amernic and R. Craig; Critical Perspectives on Accounting; Issue: 20; 2009; Pages: 875-883
    • A Privatization Success Story: Accounting and Narrative Expression over Time; R. Craig and J. Amernic; Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal; Issue: 21(8); 2008; Pages: 1085-1115
    • The Transformational Leader as Pedagogue, Physician, Architect, Commander, and Saint: Five Root Metaphors in Jack Welch’s Letters to Stockholders of General Electric; J. Amernic, R. Craig and D. Tourish; Human Relations; Issue: 60(12); 2007; Pages: 1839-1872

    Selected Publications - Books and Chapters

    • Measuring and Assessing 'Tone at the Top' Using Annual Report CEO Letters; J. Amernic, R. Craig and D. Tourish; Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland; 2010

    Academic / Professional Service

      Audit Committee; University of Toronto
      Subcommittee on Curriculum and Standards of Governing Council
      Commerce Programs Council
      University of Toronto Faculty Association Bargaining Team
      Provostial Task Force on the Faculty of Management/Commerce and Finance Relationship
      Woodsworth College Liaison for Commerce and Finance
      Various Rotman School of Management and Faculty of Arts and Science Committees including Recruiting, Promotion, Tenure, Renewal, Curriculum, Acting Director of Commerce Programs
      Chair; CAAA's 'Outstanding Accounting Educator' Committee
      Editorial Boards of scholarly journals: Contemporary Accounting Research; Accounting Review; Accounting Horizons; Accounting Education; Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting
      Past Editor; Canadian Accounting Perspectives

    Honors and Awards

      Manuscript Excellence Award; Academy of Accounting Historians
      Walter J. MacDonald Award; Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants
      FCA (Ontario); Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario
      Outstanding Accounting Educator Award; Canadian Academic Accounting Association
      MBA Teaching Excellence Awards; Rotman School of Management

    Research and Teaching Interests

    Teaching interests include Financial Reporting and Management Control. Research interests include Financial Reporting and Critical Analysis; Corporate Reporting and the Internet; Management Education; Top Management Accountability Language.  

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