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The Rotman School is a powerhouse of new thinking and innovation. Take a moment to inspire yourself with some of the breakthrough ideas of our top-ranked faculty, visiting speakers and business leaders interviewed in the Rotman magazine.

Business Design

The need for creativity in business

As the world of business continues to evolve and accelerate, managers need more than just analytic skills to tackle the most complex challenges.


Making the most of your team's talent

A leadership expert and 17-year veteran of Oracle explains the difference between ‘multipliers’ and ‘diminishers’, and they key to amplifying the intelligence of the people around you.

Working moms

Career Success after Children

The author of The MomShift says it’s time to question our beliefs about working moms. Motherhood, she says, can be perfect preparation for your next big career shift.


How your first professional position can determine your future success

The best job performance comes from match between first and later work experiences, says a Rotman study.


How innovation really works: the role of social networks

Too often, we neglect the social milieu within which innovation is cultivated—the concrete, ongoing, everyday interactions inventors have with their colleagues. A strong social network is what provides the raw ingredients for innovation.

Canada Post

The future of delivery

Canada Post faces questions about how traditional mail can find its footing in a world dominated by email.

Brand Management

A successful brand campaign: Priceless

The head of worldwide marketing for Mastercard gives his view on why the Priceless campaign has resonated so strongly with customers.

Financial Reporting

Tech-sector profitability comes with a catch

How stock market favourites Amazon, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google adjust their earnings to overstate perceptions of profitability and understate risk.

Funds Management

Extra mutual fund cash is a good sign for investors

Mutual fund investors should be cautious about funds holding low amounts of cash. Funds with high amounts of cash actually outperform those whose managers keep cash reserves low.

Investment Banking

Winter months SAD for U.S. Treasury securities

The best time to invest in U.S. Treasury securities may be spring, thanks to seasonal variations in investor risk tolerance linked to depression.

Real Estate

Real estate bidding wars may be here to stay

Frenzy, frustration and disappointment are what home buyers have come to dread about real estate bidding wars. They had better get used to it.


What price shocks say about a stock’s future

What should investors make of sudden jumps or drops in stock prices that occur for no apparent reason? Rapid and unexplained changes in a stock's price bode ill for the long run.


Are we ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

The focus of this year's World Economic Forum is how technology is fused into almost everything in the physical, digital and biological worlds. Reporting from Davos is Don Tapscott, best-selling author and adjunct professor at the Rotman School.

Obama Harper

How to win any political argument

Trying to convince a political opponent to support a particular position? The secret is to appeal to their own moral values—rather than trying to persuade them using yours, says a new paper co-authored by a Rotman professor.

Global Management

The challenge of globalization

Canada’s international trade agreements have made us a more competitive and prosperous nation. But only an ideologue could ignore the hard fact that globalization is not working — or not working as well as it could.


Building a smarter healthcare system

When it comes to difficult and pressing challenges, healthcare is certainly high on the list. The complexities can leave decision makers feeling powerless to solve them. Here are some thoughts on how to work toward a solution.


Making capitalism work for everyone

Chrystia Freeland, the member of Parliament, Financial Times journalist and best-selling author discusses the rise in global inequality, and how the plutocrats are shaping the future of capitalism.

Nicola Deery

Getting in to Rotman: How I did it

When it came to applying to the Rotman MBA program, Nicola Deery worked hard and did her homework. Raised in Dublin, Ireland, Nicola shares her tips for choosing an MBA program and successfully applying, in an interview that originally ran on the Poets and Quants website.

Poets and Quants

Building a Class of Leaders

With business schools, reputation is capital. And rankings are just a snapshot. To maximize their investment, applicants may want to know where a school is going, says MBA website Poets and Quants

Net Impact

Net Impact: #1 Worldwide

Out of three hundred chapters worldwide, Net Impact was honoured as the International Chapter of the Year. Find out what inspires Rotman students to take part in this exciting initiative.

Rotman onboard

Rotman students take a seat at the boardroom table

Rotman Onboard is an exciting new program that matches talented upper-year MBA candidates with Toronto-based non-profit boards and charities for a 6-8 month fellowship.

Rotman onboard

How the Rotman School of Management built Canada’s Top MBA

In a survey of the reputations of MBA schools across the country, Rotman takes the top spot. "When it comes to reputation, there’s no beating Rotman" - Canadian Business Magazine.

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