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To keep the creative juices flowing, employees should be receptive to criticism from supervisors, peers and followers

New research shows that negative feedback can help or hinder creativity. It depends on where the criticism comes from.

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When it comes to driving environmental and social change, local policies can have global effects

A Rotman PhD student looks at the roles of relationships between firms in driving responsible business practices globally

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The role of institutional investors in driving environmental and social change

Organizations are stepping up because their investors are demanding it.

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Seeking investment advice? Check Twitter

Research shows investors can benefit from paying attention to social media.

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Getting at the root causes and effects of the gender gap — by scouring public records

A Rotman researcher digs through public records and financial reports to get at the origins and real effects of the gender gap.

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Tired of waiting? Rotman profs look at how to reduce hospital wait times

Using in-depth data analysis, Rotman researchers analyze the inner workings of one hospital’s recently redesigned emergency department.

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What our spending says about us

A Rotman professor shares some key insights on our purchasing decisions.


Finding the right ecosystem, planning and taking risks for successful innovation

A Rotman professor on creating or finding spaces that inspire creativity and imagination to feed innovation.


‘Meltdown’ explores why crises happen, why transparency is key

A Rotman professor has developed an essential handbook on preventing and managing disasters

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How small details can made a big difference in economic development

Rotman professor looks at how micro-level factors might influence economic development in emerging economies — in ways we might not expect.

Insights: A closer look into the consumer’s mind

A closer look into the mind of the consumer

A Rotman researcher examines technologies that could be used for measuring consumer tastes and choices

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Exploring new approaches in finance

Rotman professor examines household welfare and makes sense of trends in financial services, products and innovation

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How cities form and why they change

A Rotman researcher looks at why neighbourhoods change, how they form and how their development relates to infrastructure projects

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How to love networking, deal with competent jerks and inspire change

A Rotman researcher explores the significance of organizational networks

Where you sit at work matters

Professor Christopher Liu’s research provides some important considerations on how organizations can go about creating functional spaces that benefit individuals and the broader business.

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Working out the supply and demand — and ethical considerations — for blood, organs and body parts

A Rotman researcher examines people’s motivations and ethics when it comes to money, time and their bodies.

Anita McGahan - Taking a management approach to solving healthcare problems

Taking a management approach to solving healthcare problems

A Rotman researcher examines and tackles the major challenges in healthcare with a business mindset.

Better Boards

Building better corporate boards

How do we assemble a board of directors that can monitor activities effectively and guide management in making the right moves?

Mitch Hoffman - Taking a closer look at how to hire the right people for the job

Taking a closer look at how to hire the right people for the job

A professor of Strategic Management looks at how employees and employers behave and make decisions

Rotman Research Insights - How much information is too much information?

When it comes to financial markets, how much is too much information?

Finance researcher is interested in whether the regulations surrounding financial information and disclosures make sense

Rotman Insights – Lu Han HEADLINE: Making sense of an unpredictable real estate market

Making sense of an unpredictable real estate market

Business Economics researchers strive to predict future trends and purchasing behaviours in real estate

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Getting disease-fighting drugs to those who need them

Rotman researcher studies how foundations can make the most out of fundraised money

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Exploring the opportunities and risks of crowdfunding

Rotman researcher explores the costs and benefits of raising capital online.

Keep cool in high stakes negotiations

How to Keep Your Cool in High-Stakes Negotiations

Study examines how students and employees can reclaim their power during challenging situations

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