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Project LINK Meeting 2016



Project LINK Meeting 2016

October 19-21, 2016


InterContinental Hotel Yorkville, Toronto


Wednesday, 19 October, 2016


09:00-09:15  - Opening remarks

  • Peter Pauly, University of Toronto
  • Pingfan Hong, Director UNDESA


09:15-10:45  -  World Economic Outlook

United Nations  -  Pingfan Hong and Dawn Holland, UNDESA, New York


11:15-12:45  -   World Economic Outlook (cont.)

Lead Discussants:


14:15-15:45  -  Panel : Brexit - Implications for the World Economy


  • Adele Bergin, Economic and Social Research Institute , Dublin
  • Zsolt Darvas, Bruegel, Brussels
  • Ray Barrell, Brunel University , London 


16:10-17:40  -  World commodity markets and energy modelling

Prospects for non-oil commodities Janvier Nkurunziza, UNCTAD's Special Unit on Commodities, Geneva

Agricultural commodities William Meyers , University of Missouri, Columbia (Mo.)

The World Oil Market/"A New Relation Among Coal, Oil, and Natural Gas Prices: Efficiency Gains and Hydraulic Fracturing"   -  Robert Kaufmann, Boston University

Thursday, 20 October, 2016

9:00-11:00  -  Regional outlook: North America, Europe, and Japan

United States  -  Dawn Holland, UN-DESA, New York   

Europe  -  Pavlos Karadeloglou, European Central Bank, Frankfurt

Japan  -  Hung-Yi Li, Consultant

Canada  -  Peter Dungan, University of Toronto

Open discussion : LINK national delegates


11:20-12:50  -  Regional prospects: Adjusting to lower commodity prices

Africa  -  Khaled Hussein, UN–ECA , Addis Ababa 

Latin America  -  Daniel Titelman , UN-ECLAC, Santiago

CIS  -  Jose Palacin, UN-ECE, Geneva

Open discussion : LINK national delegates


14:10-15:40  -  Regional prospects: Banking system, corporate debt and financial stability in Asia and Pacific

Western Asia -  Yasuhisa Yamamoto, UN-ESCWA, Beirut

East and South Asia  -  Daniel Jongdae Lee, UN-ESCAP, Bangkok

Open discussion : LINK national delegates


16:00-17:30  -  International finance and exchange rates

“Measuring systemic stress in European banking system” Stephen Hall, Leicester University

“The role of real undervaluation in supporting growth and structural change”  -  Nicolas Maystre, UNCTAD, Geneva

“Macro stress testing and resilience assessment of Indian banking”  -  Pami Dua, Delhi University


Friday, 21 October 2016

09:00-10:30  -  Income distribution and inequality

"Global and regional inequality"  -  Zsolt Darvas, Corvinus University, Budapest

“Linking inequality and poverty into macroeconomic models”  -  Dawn Holland , UNDESA, New York

“Long Term Demographics, Income Distribution and Expenditure: Effects on Growth”  -  John Perkins, National Institute of Economic and Industry Research, Melbourne


11:10-13:10  -  Topics in macroeconomic modelling

"How R&D expenditures influence total factor productivity and technical efficiency?"  -  Alexander Apokin and Irina Ipatova, Center for Macroeconomic Analysis and Short-term Forecasting, Moscow

“Deepening structural modelling for decoupling energy and emissions from economic growth” Stefan Schleicher, University of Graz

“Unemployment benefits, precautionary savings and demand”  -  Stefan Kuehn, ILO , Geneva

 “The ECA Macro-model” Hopestone Chavula, UN-ECA,  Addis Ababa


13:10-13:25  -  Closing session
  • Peter Pauly, University of Toronto
  • Pingfan Hong, UN-DESA
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