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Sandra Rotman Centre for Health Sector Strategy

Driving Excellence in Healthcare Management

Healthcare represents a huge and growing sector in all industrialized economies and is representative of the service and knowledge-oriented focus of the 21st century economy. The Sandra Rotman Centre for Health Sector Strategy brings an innovative research agenda together with world-ranked business learning to successfully raise the level of management in complex healthcare organizations.

Introducing the Global Executive MBA for Healthcare & the Life Sciences
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The Rotman MBA

and the Health Sector

The Health Sector in the MBA

Students in the Full-Time, Morning and Evening MBA programs can explore this growing sector through clubs, a major in Health Sector Management, and other opportunities.

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Executive Programs

and the Health Sector

The Health Sector in Executive Programs

Rotman Executive Programs equips health service providers with the skills they need to play a leadership role in this growing field.

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in the Health Sector

Careers in the Health Sector

Learn about the careers available to Rotman graduates, and what they have to say about this growing sector.

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Events and


Events, Seminars and Speaker Series

Rotman is just blocks from Canada's leading medical research hub, and the School takes advantage of its strategic location by hosting speaking and networking events with top thought leaders in the field.

Launched in 2004, the Sandra Rotman Centre for Health Sector Strategy is a strategic area of focused research for the Rotman School. Under the guidance of a board of advisors from industry, government and academia, the centre drives a research agenda that produces actionable management knowledge for the health sector and the life sciences. Among other issues, the centre conducts research on:

  • The commercialization of life-sciences products and services
  • The role of the private sector in healthcare delivery and technology
  • Alliances: public-public, private-private and public-private
  • Performance management, governance and control
  • Organizational redesign and system integration
  • Sustainability of public funding in Canadian healthcare

The centre includes expertise in the fields of pharmaceutical and biotechnology, medical technology, medical informatics, hospitals and long-term care, and insurance. A central focus is original research, intended to inform the management and organization of the health sector. A corollary of this focus is the support of knowledge transfer and uptake, through education as well as scholarly and managerial publications.

The centre acts as a catalyst to exploit the concentration of academic and health sector talent in the private sector, at the University of Toronto (in medicine, law, economics, and bioethics among others) and the Rotman School. Initiatives include an MBA major in Health Sector Management, Executive Programs for health-care professionals, and events and speaker series.

The Healthcare Sector at Rotman

Careers in Health Care Management - Professor Brian Golden

Brian Golden is Professor of Strategic Management and Sandra Rotman Chair in Health Sector Strategy

Building a Career in Healthcare - Debbie Fischer

Debbie Fischer is an executive in residence at the Rotman School.

Healthcare, Pharma, Medical Devices and the MBA - Professor Will Mitchell

Will Mitchell is the Anthony S. Fell Chair in New Technologies and Commercialization

The Business of Healthcare: Brian Golden

Brian Golden is the Sandra Rotman Chair in Health Sector Strategy

Healthcare: An MBA Student's Perspective

Mark Kostove is a student in the Rotman MBA program

Healthcare, IT and the MBA: Lydia Lee

Lydia Lee is an executive director at the University Health Network

Stryker's Strategy for Leadership in MedTech: CEO Kevin Lobo (MBA '95)

In Discussion with: Will Mitchell, Anthony Fell Chair in New Technologies and Commercialization, Professor of Strategic Management, Rotman School of Management

From MD to MBA - My Rotman Journey

Swati Trivedi was a doctor in India before coming to Rotman

Crisis and Opportunity in Healthcare

Zayna Khayat is a senior advisor at MaRS and an adjunct professor

Business + Medicine = Innovation

A team of Rotman MBA students teams up with students in healthcare and engineering


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