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At Rotman, we recognize our responsibility to be more than an academic entity. We strive to put purpose into action by leveraging our resources, expertise and collective passion to create a lasting and meaningful impact. From programs that promote entrepreneurship and support small business development to initiatives that foster financial literacy, job creation and development leadership, we are dedicated to empowering individuals and communities to thrive.

Our business school is a hub for dialogue, knowledge exchange and thought leadership. Through public forums, conferences and educational events, we facilitate meaningful discussions on critical issues, encourage diverse perspectives and foster a deeper understanding of the challenges our society faces. These engagements contribute to the advancement of knowledge and equip individuals to take informed action and drive positive change.

Our students play an essential role in our community impact initiatives. We empower them to be active agents of change, encourage their involvement in service-learning projects, volunteer activities and social entrepreneurship ventures. Through these experiences, our students develop a deep sense of civic responsibility and gain invaluable hands-on experience that prepares them to become compassionate, socially conscious leaders.

We hope the transformative power of collective action inspires you. We invite you to join us in our commitment to be a force for positive change and create a more inclusive, sustainable and prosperous community.

Photo of Rajeev Chib

Dr. Rajeev Chib (EMBA ‘08) is one of the 11 alumni who came together to create the Rotman Asia Alumni Scholarship.

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Together with the Institute of Corporate Directors, Rotman launched a special edition of the Directors Education Program with an Indigenous focus to better inform experienced directors of the intersectionality of Indigenous considerations and board governance.

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Rotman launched a Business Readiness Certificate to help new grads succeed in the workforce.

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Stay curious and learn to listen.

Dr. Rajeev Chib (EMBA ’08, 2022 Volunteer Excellence Award recipient)

CDL-Toronto kicked off its landmark startup mentorship program at the Rotman School of Management, bringing together 128 promising tech startups and 175 mentors in person for the first time since 2019.

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Rotman Back to Work program helps women re-entering the workforce lead more fulfilling careers.

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Rotman MBA students win Yale Healthcare Services Innovation Case Competition focused on bringing innovation to healthcare delivery.

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We’re committed to driving change through our programs to provide a constructive and optimistic approach to reconciliation as individuals, allies and board members. Participants will acquire firsthand insights and applied learnings from Indigenous leaders and subject matter experts on how Indigenous considerations intersect with important aspects of board governance.

— Rahul Bhardwaj, President and CEO of the Institute of Corporate Directors

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number of countries where Rotman Management Magazine’s paid subscribers are**

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Executive Programs offered, and 4,000 students participated**

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women who have completed the Judy Project program since its launch in 2003 (the 20th anniversary was in April 2023)

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Rotman School of Management alumni served as volunteers**

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interactions between Rotman Commerce students and the Centre for Professional Skills to broaden and deepen students’ communication and interpersonal skills within the classroom and beyond*

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subscribers to Rotman thought leadership content, including the Rotman Management Magazine and Insights Hub newsletter**

*Figures reflect academic year 2022-2023
**Figures reflect fiscal year May 1, 2022 to April 30, 2023