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About Me: Imran, GDipPA Class of 2023

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  • Previous degree: Rotman Commerce, Specialization in Accounting, Minor Economics, University of Toronto, 2023

Why did you decide to study the Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting program?

After 4 years of undergrad at Rotman Commerce I knew the professors that would be teaching at the graduate program. I knew going in that the quality of education would be strong and that they would prepare me well for the CFE. Furthermore, all professors are involved in the CPA Ontario and CFE marking, making their input and curriculum all the more valuable.

What are your main reasons for choosing Rotman?

The quality of education is unmatched. Unlike other programs, Rotman trains you for the CFE by providing you with countless integrated cases. Many other programs treat their classes and exams as separate courses, thus, preventing students from practicing integrated case writing. At Rotman, the classes and exams are related to each other, simulating an actual CFE exam.

What are you looking forward to most in the program?

I was looking forward to the second case competition the most. After the 1st case competition, everyone gains an understanding of the judges' expectations. You almost know what to do and how to be successful. This made me excited to work with my new team to try and win the second competition. Also, knowing what to expect going in allows you to have fun with it the second time around.

What is the highlight of the Rotman experience?

The highlight of my Rotman experience was the community. From the student side, eating lunch with my section everyday really allowed us to let off some steam and joke around. Getting a mix of old friends from undergrad and new friends from other schools created a great environment where everyone was friendly and light hearted. No one was gunning for themselves over others and everyone was willing to help each other out with work and questions. From the professors' side, all were approachable and friendly. They kept class lighthearted and engaging, often treating us as equals. This made class feel like more of a team effort than individual stuggle.

What would you say to someone considering choosing the GdipPA?

I won't lie. The program is hard, but so is the CFE. In this program, you will understand what it takes to write the CFE and how graders think. It's not cut-throat, everyone is willing to help which makes it easier.


The Rotman Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting (GDipPA) is a CPA Accredited 12-week summer program that helps prepare you for the Common Final Examination (CFE) and satisfies the four modules of the CPA PEP.

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