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  • Graduating year: 2019
  • Current job title: Senior Consultant, EY
  • Previous education: Bachelor of Mathematics, University of Waterloo

Why did you decide to study the MFRM program?

Given my background in Mathematics and internships in the financial industry, MFRM would be the place to utilize my past knowledge and experiences and to create value for the Risk Management field.

What was your main reason for choosing Rotman?

The opportunities provided by Rotman is definitely the reason. Rotman has such a large and diversified alumni network. I have attended many info sessions and events so that I can understand more about the current financial industry. 

What was the highlight of the Rotman experience?

There are many highlights of my Rotman experience.  First, I had the chance to participate in many case competitions such as the PRMIA case competition regional final. Secondly, I developed a strong friendship with everyone in the class because we fought together and supported each other. Lastly, the faculty is simply terrific. They not only taught us about textbook knowledge but also provided career and life advice like a mentor.

Did Rotman and the MFRM program meet your expectations?

Rotman and the MFRM program went beyond my expectations. I’ve never thought of having such a supportive learning environment. Unlike the internships I had, the industry project was very special because I actually had the chance to work on a complete project starting from scratch.

How was your experience with the Rotman community?

We all had different backgrounds coming in, but it never stopped us from becoming a new family. The Rotman community is very diversified and open to suggestions. MFRM planned many events for the MFRM program for students to gain exposure to industry practitioners and understand more about the current market.

What would you say to someone considering choosing the MFRM?

While our time in the MFRM was fun and fulfilling, it sure wasn't easy. Plan your time wisely because MFRM is certainly intense. Also, try to expand your network as much as possible during the industry project, the industry project is the chance for you to get exposure to the real workplace and interact with industry professionals. 

What are your future plans?

I’ve always had an interest in Financial Models. The courses at the MFRM are able to provide intuition behind the financial models and how they are actually used in the workplace. MFRM taught us material beyond textbook knowledge.

The Master of Financial Risk Management is a full time program designed to prepare ambitious young professionals for careers in risk management and finance. 

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